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Ray of Hope needs bottles of sports drinks and water
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Ray of Hope just received generous donations of bottled water and sports drinks.

But that surplus was quickly distributed to children of this local non-profit.

“We’ve gone through it so fast because of this weather,” said CEO Laura Saunders on Tuesday.

She’s referring to the dangerous and prolonged heatwave that just passed.

These extreme conditions can pose potential heat-related illnesses. Even more so to youngsters in Ray of Hope’s Crisis and Resource Services.

“These are kids who live in cars or in places without air conditioning – being hydrated is huge and they’re not getting (water or Power Ade),” Saunders said.

Among the dangers, she added, include dehydration, urinary tract infections, and kidney issues.

Saunders is particularly concerned with the younger children – for that, she’s looking for donations of Pedialyte, which contains five electrolytes to promote fast dehydration and muscle support.

Along with bottled water and sports drinks, Saunders also requested sunscreen from donors in the past.

Sunscreen is needed to protect children from sunburns and harmful UVA rays.

Ray of Hope consists of children who are homeless, living in poverty or with other crisis circumstances. They’re referred to Ray of Hope via Child Protective Services and other such agencies.

Donations can be dropped off at the bottom of stairs of the Ray of Hope office building at 113 W. Yosemite Ave., Manteca.

For more information, call 209.597.0574.