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Traffic bypassing 120 Bypass big issue for Ripon
bypass traffic

It’s not uncommon for commuters to use surface streets to beat freeway traffic.

But it can be a problem when those cut-through routes take place in small towns such as Ripon.

At tonight’s meeting, the Ripon City Council is scheduled to discuss possible solutions to this problem.

Mayor Michael Restuccia requested this item for the 6 p.m. open session in the Council Chambers, 259 N.  Wilma Ave.

Thus far, staff has contacted other towns and cities that had similar-type issues.

“At this time, the most effective option incorporated by other cities is utilizing traffic control devices to slow down the number of vehicles that are able to enter a neighborhood or city,” the staff report said.

Meanwhile, Ripon streets have experienced a significant increase in the number of vehicles, in particular, those cutting through town to avoid congestion that happens during the evening commute on the Highway 99 / 120 bypass interchange.

“This large increase in commute traffic is beyond what Ripon city streets were designed for and is resulting in significant delays to Ripon residents along with an increase in moving violations (for example, speeding, not stopping at stop signs),” the report said.

Elected leaders could direct staff to bring back a detailed plan on possible solutions to the traffic woes through town.

In other agenda items:

  • Council will give the OK on a notice for the Nov. 6 General Election. The seats currently occupied by Restuccia and Dean Uecker are the ones up for grabs.
  • The mayor could sign the agreement between the City and the Ripon Unified School District to continue assigning a School Resource Officer.
  • Council will determine which member or members will be attending the League of California Cities’ annual conference scheduled from Sept. 12 through 14 in Long Beach.
  • A public hearing is scheduled for the proposed $11.6 million 2018-2019 City Budget.

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