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Ripon may ban heavy rec use in riparian habitat
riparian ripon
Oak Grove is an untouched riparian natural habitat with walking and biking trails. It's there that the City of Ripon was asked about developing a disc golf course

A disc golf course at Oak Grove Park?

For those in the know, that’s the 55 acres of undeveloped land near Stockton Avenue between the Diamond Pet Food plant and the Stanislaus River.

Not too long ago, the City of Ripon received a request about the possibility of developing a disc golf course.

According to City Administrator Kevin Werner, Oak Grove is “a largely untouched riparian natural habitat with walking/biking trails throughout and a small area where kids have made hills to ride bikes.”

He also pointed out in his report on ‘open space and conservation element’ that Oak Grove functions as habitat for a variety of wildlife, including protected species such as the valley elderberry beetle.

Fear of hampering the existence of the natural riparian habitat for recreational activities beyond walking and biking has the City looking at ordinances for future development.

Staff, at today’s 6 p.m. Ripon City Council meeting, has prepared a resolution that provides policy direction related to recreational opportunities at City parks, including an update on the general plan to designate Oak Grove and other riparian habitat as conservation areas, and should remain in their natural state without the influence of development.

There’s also an update on the Ripon Municipal Code that includes the process of reviewing and approving recreational development proposals at City parks, along with an update on this same ordinance to address penalties associated with individuals who develop any sort of park improvements without the necessary approvals.

The City is often OK when approached with opportunities of such improvements to parks such as Stouffer Park – it’s there that the Ripon Garden Club got the green light to develop the butterfly garden and a local Eagle Scout made possible a sundial.