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Ripon may stay with SJ vehicle abatement
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Looking to do away with an abandon or inoperative vehicle?

One option is the San Joaquin County Abandon Vehicle Abatement Program.

At tonight’s Ripon City Council meeting, Police Chief Ed Ormonde is scheduled to be on hand for adoption of the resolution that calls for the City of Ripon to continue being part of the county-wide program through 2032.

“The vehicle abatement program allows for the removal of abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative vehicles on private or public property with proper notification. These are vehicles that reduce the value of the property, that promote blight and deterioration in communities, create fire hazard, and create an attractive nuisance,” said Ormonde in his report to elected leaders.

His department’s role calls for responding to that car or truck potentially in violation. If proven, police would tag the vehicle, and create notification letters to be sent as certified mail to all parties involved – registered owner, legal owner and property owner.

“Once the department receives confirmation that an involved party has received their certified letter or after an unclaimed letter is returned, we can proceed with the removal of the vehicle from the property,” Ormonde said.

The cost of operating the program covers employee wages along with the cost of mailing certified and first-class letters to all responsible parties

Each year, Ripon police abates approximately 15 to 20 vehicles within the City of Ripon, receiving about $10,000 per fiscal year in reimbursement from SJC.

This is all part of the SJC Abandon Vehicle Abatement Service Authority established in 2001 and is set to expire in April 2022.

New legislation allows for an extension of the program for another 10 years with approval of the County and a majority of the cities comprising a majority of the population of the incorporated areas.

Over the years, the program has allowed for the abatement of 68,491 abandon vehicles throughout the county.