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Ripon student safety
Ripon making walk to Park View School safer for students

It used to be that more than half of youngsters living within a two-mile radius of their school would walk or ride their bicycle to get to class.

According to Caltrans, those figures have dipped greatly, going from 60 percent – based on 30 years ago – to 15 percent of children ages 6 through 11.

Of that, about 25 percent commutevia school bus and more than half are driven to school.

Safe Routes to School is hoping to change that.

This international movement is looking to promote physical activity among youngsters by funding such projects that calls for removing barriers currently in place while providing safe walking and bicycling routes.

In Ripon, where most of the new development is taking place near Mistlin Sports Park, T&S West Construction is handling the Parkview Elementary Safe Route to School Project.

According to the City of Ripon – elected leaders awarded T&S West Construction with $449,485 for this project funded through a Safe Route to School grant at their July 10 meeting – the plan calls for pedestrian crossing beacons on Calhoun Avenue at the Santos Avenue and Colony Road intersections, crosswalk striping, paver striping, handicap ramps, signage and electronic speed radar sings around Parkview Elementary School.

But with the addition of the Vineyards Subdivision along with future residential development planned in the vicinity, a safe pedestrian crossing along Fulton Avenue is necessary.

Council approved a change order by T&S West for $33,700 – taken from the Safe Route to School Grant funds, bringing the project total to $483,185 – at the Nov. 13 meeting.

This will allow T&S West to install pedestrian crossing flashing beacons on Fulton Avenue on the north leg of the Santos Avenue intersection which, in turn, fits into the original scope of the project by providing a safe place for pedestrian to cross on Fulton.

No discussion among elected leaders and staff was necessary.

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