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Ripon Unified receives $5,000 anonymous science camp donation
science camp
San Joaquin County Office of Education STEM Director Annie Cunial with Project Leader Neil Saunders are shown at Sky Mountain.

Public schools often receive donations to help benefit the students.

Some come be quite generous. The Ripon Unified School District recently received a $5,000 check from an anonymous donor for the Science Camp Fund.

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in Modesto – via a private foundation client – presented RUSD with the charitable contribution a few months ago.

“On behalf of the board, Superintendent (Ziggy Robeson), students, parents and faculty of RUSD, we wish to express our sincere gratitude for your client’s generous donation – our district is appreciative to be the recipient once again of this amazing contribution,” said Raquel Babauta from the district office in her letter to officials at Morgan Stanley.

In the past, RUSD students have attended the great outdoors at Camp Joe Gulch in La Honda – part of the San Joaquin Outdoor Education Program, servicing fifth- and sixth- grade students in San Joaquin County.

According to SJCOE, the COVID-19 pandemic put off science camp for this year but plans call for its return in 2021-2022 with the recent acquisition of Sky Mountain Outdoor Education Center at the top of North Folk of the American River in Placer Country.

The property will become the new home for science camp for San Joaquin Valley students.