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Council to award bid for Main Street work
MAINST_ROAD1 5-30-14 LT.jpg
Rough pavement on South Main Street that’s in front of the Walmart center.

The cracks, waffle pavement, high slopes and numerous safety issues along Main Street between Yosemite Avenue and Atherton Drive will finally be addressed starting next month.

The City Council on Tuesday is expected to award Teichert Construction the $2,646,000 bid to do the work that includes closing the sidewalk gap between the 120 Bypass and Atherton Drive when they meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center.

The project ran into delays given federal money is involved requiring Caltrans approval of permits to proceed. The city had set aside $2,028,000 for the project that includes the federal funds via the Regional Surface transportation Program of $1,447,050, Local Transportation Funds from the original gas tax of $370,950, and Measure K sales tax receipts of $210,000. The funding gap of $384,000 is being covered from pumped up city receipts for the 12 cent gas tax hike that went into effect at the first of the year. Had the additional gas tax funding not been made available, the city would have had to cannibalize funding for other street projects that are moving forward using funds the city used based on he old gas tax rate.

The highest profile improvements will be new bike lanes with delineation and signage. The Main Street corridor currently lacks defined bike lanes for bicyclists to use. In addition to the lack of bike lanes some of the pedestrian crossing facilities need to be updated by refreshing crosswalk markings and adding them to areas where they don’t exist. The segment of Main Street where the improvements are proposed is used by a variety of users including students traveling from the residential areas near the project to Manteca High School.

The project also involves:

Reconstruction and construction of American with Disabilities Act compliant curb ramps/sidewalks

Cross slope correction and shoulder correction/repair.

The sidewalk gap closure between Atherton Drive and the 120 Bypass.

Traffic signal loop detector replacements.

Pavement replacement and repaving.

Installing high-visibility crosswalks

In additional part of the endeavor will include installing high-visibility crosswalks at the intersection of Union Road and Wawona Street.

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