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Third brother completes Eagle Scout project
eagle third brother
From left, Father Jerry Brown of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church and Noah Acosta stand next to The Risen Christ statue made possible by the latter’s Eagle Scouts Service Project.

Noah Acosta finally completed his Eagle Scout Service Project.

The East Union High freshman revitalized the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church office courtyard while earning the highest achievement or rank attainable by a scout of the Boys Scouts of America.

In doing so, Acosta followed in the footsteps of his two older brothers – Daniel, who attends Delta College, became an Eagle Scout in 2018 while David, who is a junior at EU, added the Union Ranch East Park sign over a year ago as his Eagle Scouts Service Project.

All three earned the rank of Eagle Scout as members of Troop 414.

Noah Acosta, 14, made plans back in February 2021 to spruce up the St. Anthony outdoor area. It was there that he attended pre-school – Acosta, like his brothers, attended New Haven Elementary School.

The work, according to Noah’s mother Veronica, entailed the removing of plants, pavers, and concrete strips in the courtyard, adding a water fountain, electrical wiring, planter pots, plants, trees, bark, brick, pea gravel and a statue of The Risen Christ.

“This project was split in four phases, starting October 2021 and ending on March 19,” she said.

As for the actual planning, Veronica Acosta noted that started back in July but “planning and executing of this project took nine months due to unforeseen delays, such as weather, change of parish beneficiary and conflicting schedules,” she added.

A total of 28 volunteers took part in the completion of this project, working alongside Diane Lehman of St. Anthony’s Church.

Noah Acosta served as project manager.

“Noah managed his project efficiently. He faced unforeseen circumstances and handled the situations through all four phases of the project,” said his mother.

Among the major contributors for this project were: Truebeck Construction / Ismael Perez, Sierra Valley Shavings, Knights of Columbus, Young Ladies Institute, Legion of Mary, Santo Nino, Strand Ace Hardware, Rainforest Nursery, Eden Garden & Landscape Supply, Tierra La Altena and Carnicera Rosita, to name a few.

As for David Acosta, he completed his service project in January 2021, earning the rank of Eagle Scout in August.

In order to add the Union Ranch East Park sign at 925 Raccoon Valley Drive, he had to remove the sod in that designated area along with build and design the signage – added features consisted of a concrete mow strip, bark and moss rocks.

Sixteen volunteers stepped up to help David Acosta with his project.

Along with Truebeck Construction / Ismael Perez, he gave special thanks to Home Depot, Ed’s Rockery, City of Manteca, Noe Lopez, Armando Avila, Costco, family, friends and fellow scouts.