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Vitus retiring as police dog for Ripon PD
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Vitus, who is the Ripon Police Department’s Drug Detection / Apprehension / Tracking K-9, is looking to be retired.

The Ripon City Council is having a special meeting today (Friday) at 11:30 a.m. to accept the recommendation to retire Vitus while allowing his handler, Officer Matthew Belaski, to approve and authorize elected leaders – in this case, Mayor Leo Zuber – to sign the adoption agreement with Belaski.

The Ripon Police Department currently has two Police K-9 dogs in service. The other is Argos, who is assigned to Officer Matthew Belaski.

By approving the adoption, the City of Ripon would no longer pay for the annual care and maintenance associated with Vitus (approximately $5,765) until such time that another K-9 is purchased.

Vitus has been with the local police department since December 2019.

He was assigned to Belaski, with the two having spend some 40,000 hours together at home and as patrol partner, according to Police Chief Daniel Sauer in his staff report.

He added: “Vitus has had a long and distinguished career as a police protection and narcotics dog. Vitus has reached an age where his health is beginning to decline and he is slowing down.

“His ability to continue to do police work at an acceptable level is coming to an end.”

The special session will take place in the Council Chambers, 259 N. Wilma Ave.

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