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Work continues on $11.1M maintenance facility for Ripon
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The Fleet Maintenance Facility, once completed, will be the new City of Ripon Corporate Yard.

The project was awarded last December to Diede Construction Inc. for $11.1 million, with construction following soon after.

No discussion was necessary at the Nov. 14 Ripon City Council meeting as elected leaders approved a change order calling for additional structural columns in addition to the electric trap primers along with modifying the existing storm drain manhole elevation, and piping credit.

The cost is $10,424 to be paid via Corp Yard AB 1600 Fund, Enterprise Capital Fund, and General Capital Fund.

According to the staff report, the Fleet Maintenance Project required design changes due to field conditions, electrical revisions, and requirements from the Modesto Irrigation District.

The structural design required one more column than what was included in the initial bid package.

The electrical trap primer, according to the plans, needed electrical connections.

The existing storm drain manhole needed an elevation adjustment and was not included in the bid package.

In addition, the contractor issued a credit for piping that was not required for the project.

Cost is currently at about $11.6 million following the recent work that included construction staking, erosion control, grading, paving, concrete slab pouring, masonry, carpentry, material, and equipment purchase coupled with site electrical installation.

The Fleet Maintenance Facility Project will serve as the new maintenance and operations building and vehicle wash for the City’s Public Works Department.

The new building will also feature a repair and machine shop, office spaces, restrooms, and locker rooms, and will replace the aging old facility located a few blocks west of the project.