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In the works: Manteca dog wash stations
One at Woodward Park plus another at Civic Center dog park
dog wash three
A close up of the dog wash station at Tucker Grove’s Park in Santa Barbara County.

Woodward Park — as well as the Manteca Civic Center dog park — could become go-to places for dog owners to wash their dogs.

The tentative allocation of COVID relief funds by Mayor Gary Singh and Councilman Jose Nuno means the city will have $140,000 to purchase dog wash stations similar to the K9000 that sells for $37,000 plus.

That funds will cover the purchase, installation, securing, and possible a shelter structure for each location.

The K9000 are used in several city and county parks in California, particularly near ocean beaches and in areas with a large amount of area that digs can get dirty playing.

They are primarily used at commercial installation at RV parks, truck stops, pet stores, and even places like Tractor Supply stores.

Typically, users get 15 minutes to wash their dog at a cost that — based on various websites — ranges from $10 to $20.

That means the city will have revenue coming in from the dog wash stations that they could  earmark to be spent either on specific items such as costs related to the dog park and such or to simply have it go into a park fund or the general fund.

Several cities, for example, use proceeds to underwrite dog park equipment replacement and improvements.

Typically, the self-serve stations are attached next to restrooms where there is existing water, electricity and sidewalks.

Users simply swipe their credit or debit card and select a fresh water rinse and any of the high quality pet shampoo, flea shampoo and conditioning products. The pet wash rinse water is maintained at 70 degrees. There is a two-speed blower to dry pets. 

Among the dog was station’s features:

*Touchpad user Controls

*Vending interface

*LED Lighting over tub

*Multiple user payment options available

*Seamless Cashless integration options with remote auditing available

*Customizable Top Up payments (credit card & cash)

*4 soap dispensing pumps per side ( 8 in total)

*Two speed Blow Dryers (1 per side)

*Onboard Hot Water options

*Hair free non-slip floor


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