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Man kills self near Ripons bike bridge
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The tranquil quiet of Ripon’s riparian woodlands near Highway 99 was shattered Monday afternoon with approaching sirens responding to a call that turned out to be the death of a man presumed in his 30s.

The individual was found in his car at the parking lot that leads to the Bike Bridge which crosses the Stanislaus River east of the heart of Ripon.  Ripon Police Lt. Steve Merchant said responding officers found what appeared to be a man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Being a coroner’s case, Ripon PD turned the investigation over to deputies that they had called to the scene.

The woodlands is a common walking area for residents who enjoy the riverside area and the bridge leading into Stanislaus County over the river. It is a popular biking route for adults and children alike.

Police were unable to release the man’s identity until his next of kin is identified.