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Couple expands dental offices in downtown Manteca
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Orthodontic dentists Andrew Trosien and Duong Trang with their three children Hanh, 6 (standing), Quynh, 5, and Thao, 2, are opening a third dental office on North Grant Avenue offering Invisalign treatment. - photo by Photo Contributed

Two established orthodontists, with offices in Manteca and Tracy, are about to open an “Invisalign” treatment center at 152 North Grant Avenue in the former offices of Dr. Robert Croft and Dr. Amy Buchler.

Andrew Trosien and wife Duong Trang have been practicing in both communities for many years, each with a large patient base.  They have named the new practice Clear Orthodontics Manteca – exclusively Invisalign where patients will be treated by Dr. Trosien.

Dr. Trang has had her dental practice at 140 North Fremont Avenue, with her husband’s office located on Tracy Boulevard.  Both treat mostly teenagers up to adults

The husband-and-wife dental team shares a history of working on complicated Invisalign cases where their patients often prefer the see-through appearance rather than having metal braces.  The teeth can be aligned in many cases without the traditional metal braces that can’t be removed when eating or brushing.

The normal duration of the alignment of a patient’s teeth can take about a year with as many as 30 of the plastic forms used throughout the straightening treatment.  Trips are made to the orthodontist about every month and a half.

The dentists are members of the Rotary clubs in Manteca and Tracy, with Doctor Trosien having served as president of the Tracy service organization in 2007-2008. The couple met in orthodontics school at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). They have three children aged six and under.

Trang is also a marathon runner. She recently completed a 26.2 mile marathon.

In contrast to his wife’s running competitions, Dr. Trosien likes to ski, plays guitar and creates art works when he finds the time. He almost chose art as a career years ago in college. 

He noted that his wife is really into sports, saying when he is taking his turn at doing laundry, she is often watching football on the TV.  Trang also enjoys getting out on the tennis courts – it’s good they don’t compete against each other in their hobbies, Dr. Trosien noted. 

The couple also joins hands in showing appreciation to their clients, hosting them and their families to a tailgate party and an Oakland A’s baseball game once a year as well as a night at the movies where they and their patients take over a theater.

While Dr. Trosien is planning a grand opening and a ribbon cutting soon, the practice is officially open now with a phone number and even a website –

He is treating mostly teenagers up to adults, because with Invisalign it is necessary for the patients to have their permanent teeth.  Younger patients don’t usually mind having braces, he added, saying they are often excited about it.

Dr. Trosien is an assistant professor in the Division of Orthodontics at UCSF and a consultant in research and development in Align Technology.  He was valedictorian of his class at the University of Michigan Dental School and chief resident at the UCSF Division of Orthodontics.  He has a master’s degree in Oral Biology.

Trosien has lectured in Europe as well as throughout the United States and serves as co-director of la Clinica de la Raza in Oakland. His professional works have been published in TMJ research and technology in Orthodontics Invisalign.  He also had a private practice in Berkeley for about two years.

For more information about the new dental office, call (209) 824-7722.