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Readers weigh in on homelessness issues in Manteca
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The following are postings on the Bulletin facebook page regarding Manteca’s homeless issues:
JOE B: We have some uneducated people on facebook who all they want to do is hate others. But this is how stupid they really are: They themselves are one check away from being homeless. And if they were paying attention the city (formed) a task force to deal with homeless issues and (are) doing a fine job.  I wish people would fact check before opening their uneducated mouths. And last if they don’t like Manteca they can leave Manteca. Good bye, adios. 
MELISSA R: Maybe (we should)  stop building fancy homes for transplants and start building income based housing where real Mantecans can afford to live. A lot of homeless are on SSI, that’ll get those ones off the street.
JEREMY S: Let’s try to get rid of the “Need Weed Sign Guy”. (It’s) real classy outside of schools and local businesses. Stay classy Manteca!
LEESA V: Can we quit associating the homeless with the tweakers? Yes they have helped homeless, homeless tend to want help. It’s the drug addicts that don’t want the help!
VALERIE V: I think it’s more the tweakers that cause the most problems.
BONNIE S: Some people are complaining, but the majority supports our officers and want them to receive more support from the city and council, so they can find solutions to this problem. Clearly this is a problem for our community, and we all need to solve it.
CHERYL M: There needs to be more done on controlling this problem. I really don’t condone anyone peeing in public, and I’ve seen it over at the movie venue.....not acceptable.
DEBBIE P: Street police, not drive by/parked police. Patrolmen/women on foot and on bikes (patrolling) our neighborhoods. I would pay a higher tax to get more police in our streets! Too many chiefs, not enough Indians!
Alma S: Drugs = addiction which is a disease. They need help too!