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Ripon FFA supports childrens hopsital
Ripon FFFA officers, from left, Francesca Arnaudo, Krista Tyhurst, Marissa Moulyn, Bailey Taberna, and Chris Fisher. - photo by Photo Contributed

RIPON — As you were looking around Historic Ripon you may have seen the FFA fliers asking for donations during Childhood Cancer Awareness month. In September the Ripon FFA put on a supply drive for the U.C. Davis Children’s Hospital. We would like to thank you for your generous donations of art supplies collected for pediatric patients. After school on Friday, Oct. 7, our officers met with Mrs. Alix Hobson-Carey.  Mrs. Carey gave us a tour of the pediatric floor including the play room and teen room.  She explained that there is both a music and art specialist.  There is also a credentialed teacher who holds class each morning.  The teacher, Miss Nichole, also visits children at their bedside. 

We visited the Cancer Survivor’s Park and read some of the inspirational facts and quotes about the deadly disease.  One of my favorites is “Cancer is the most treatable of all terminal illnesses.”  As a three time cancer survivor and a “miracle girl”, as my nurses call me, I hold this statement close to my heart.  Each day I try to stay focused on what is important and live life to the fullest.   

The playroom is not only staffed with Child Life Specialists, but with volunteers.  The volunteers are over the age of eighteen and are both college students and community members.  Volunteers spend countless hours playing board games, doing puzzles, and painting.   However, I believe their major role is giving parents a break.  Both adults and children are in hospital rooms 24/7.  It is nice to have someone else to talk to.  My favorite medical student was Oneche. He sat with me for hours and taught me how to draw different style cartoons.  He was a pediatric cancer survivor himself. 

Your gifts were appreciated by the staff and will put smiles on many faces.  We hope to repeat this drive next September during Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  Over the summer at the Washington Leadership Conference we learned that it only takes one to start a ripple. With your help and the help of the Ripon FFA we made a wave in the lives of many children. We hope we will be able to double our donations next year.  Thanks again for all your support last month during Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Please help support this month, Breast Cancer Awareness month, by going to your local Savemart and donating at a check stand.