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Ripon slipping when it comes to saving water
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Mayor Leo Zuber is concerned about the City of Ripon’s water conservation efforts.

Previous reports had the City inching closer to the state mandate of 36 percent reduction, using the figures from 2013 tally as the established baseline.

Ted Johnston, Director of Public Works, mentioned Tuesday at the Ripon City Council meeting a decreased figure for the month of July at 30.8 percent.

He reported 32.4 percent for June.

“We’re going backward,” Zuber said. “Where is our water being used?

“Are people aware of the conservation efforts?”

He also wonders if some folks are complying with the ordinance indicating which days they’re allowed to water their yards or if they’re aware but trying to get around it.

Landscape irrigation makes up 50 percent use in Ripon. Included is watering lawns, plants or filling pools.

Tips on water conservation can also be obtained by logging on to the City website at

“Education (on water reduction) is the key,” said Johnston, who has his public works crew putting informational door hangers on the matter at certain homes in town.

“I think the City is doing a great job in getting the word out and that most people are complying. But where will we pick up that extra 5 percent (in water reduction)?” Councilman Mark Winchell asked.

Johnston and his crew will continue to step up their efforts in providing awareness to the community, using various methods including slipping information flyers inside utility bills.

Public works is also continuing their efforts in patrolling the neighborhoods in the wee hours in search of folks who might be watering their lawns.

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