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Effort support Batten Disease Research
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Noah Coughlan spent Day 3 of his trek across America in Lathrop and Manteca. The Vacaville resident is hoping to make it to Boston by early November while raising money and awareness for the Batten Disease Support and Research Association and 20K Watts. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT

Noah Coughlan is hoping to cover 3,100 miles in 98 days.

The 29-year-old Vacaville resident made his way to Manteca on Monday on Day 3 of journey that began in Half Moon Bay early Saturday.

On Sunday Coughlan made it to Livermore. He has hopes of averaging 31 miles per day during the next four months.

“I’m looking to be the 27th person to run across America twice,” he said during a brief stop along Manthey Road in Lathrop just past Mossdale County Park.

Coughlan was en route to the Manteca home of his cousin Monica and Vanessa to rest up for the following day.

His exhaustive efforts are for a good cause.

Coughlan, who, in 2011, became the 222nd person to run coast-to-coast, covering 2,500 miles, from San Diego to Jacksonville Fl, raised awareness and funding to help find a cure for Batten Disease, a genetic, childhood neurological degenerative brain disorder.

Youngsters become bedridden and unable to communicate. They’re also left blind with cognitive and motor loss, and dementia.

With no known cure, Batten Disease is always fatal.

His second transcontinental run also includes introducing 20K Watts, an international non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the current quality of life for those living in extreme poverty through the use of solar and wind energies.

Coughlin is doing this trek pushing his Chariot – with bicycle-type tires. This type of stroller is ideal for toting small kids while jogging or hiking. It also sports an attention-getting American flag. His stroller is filled with provisions such as food, water, extra clothing and at least 15 pairs of shoes.

Thus far, he experienced not one but two flat tires on his first day. Coughlin was sunburned while suffering from a bee sting earlier in the day during his jaunt along a lonely rural two-lane stretch in Lathrop.

As for shoes, he said any type of running sneakers will do on his long, long road ahead. “Every 10 days I’ll change out my shoes,” Coughlin said.

From California, he’s mapped out Nevada, Utah and Colorado as part of his route. Coughlin has a small window period of getting through Western states and the Rockies before harsh weather becomes a factor.

“I’m hoping to get to the northeast before the winter,” he said.

Coughlin has targeted Nov. 2 as his date to reach Boston.

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