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Placenica plans movie in Manteca
Actor Michael Placencia - photo by Photo Contributed
Michael Placencia is now putting together the pieces that will allow him to make a film about the death of his brother at a Modesto nightclub.

It is a killing that has still not been solved almost a decade after it rocked his Manteca family.

After several years of paying his dues in Hollywood, Placencia has now formed his own production company and is working on a film that will soon be shooting right here in Manteca. He will be using a screenwriter that promised his family that he’ll write the script about Paul Placencia Jr.

While he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career, Placencia says that getting the film about his brother made was one of his motivating factors and the reason he has relentlessly pursued his budding career.

“Getting the movie made that tells my brother’s story is one of the biggest reasons I came down here,” Placencia said in a telephone interview Friday. “I wanted everyone to know what happened – I wanted that more than any actor has ever wanted anything.

“I wanted a chance to get justice for my brother.”

With the backing of his mother Patsy, Placencia started Rebellion 4 Entertainment and teamed up with screenwriter Sargon Yoseph to write the script for The Reapers – also tapping Yoseph to tackle the script about his brother’s life.

He expects to start filming The Reapers within the next few months, and plans to shoot in and around the Manteca area.

The movie will feature recognizable Hollywood talent as well as what Placencia calls an “A-list” actress – noting that he can’t reveal her identity until filming has already begun.

Now that he has branched out his career – which has included small roles on many national shows including CSI New York, Dirty Sexy Money, and 24 as well as the web-based crime series Industry where he plays a detective – Placencia thinks that he’ll be able to build the contacts that will allow him to fulfill the longtime dream of telling the one story he wishes he didn’t have to tell.

“One of the things that I knew I had to do in order for that to be a possibility was to make a name for myself,” Placencia said. “You have to get people to pay attention to what it is that you’re saying. I think that with the production company and everything else I’ve done I’ve been able to do that.”