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Sierra Club targets Denham on tax bill
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Congressman Jeff Denham is getting pressure from the unlikeliest of places when it comes to the pending vote on tax reform expected to come in the next two days in the House of Representatives.
The Sierra Club.
One of the nation’s largest pro-environmental organizations has launched a digital ad campaign targeting the districts of 29 House Republicans in an attempt to get them to vote against a bill that they believe will setup cuts to public health programs, plunder the Arctic Refuge and undermine the renewable energy progress made under the previous administration.
“Members of Congress should vote against this tax scheme because it is a massive tax cut for the richest 1 percent and corporate polluters that will result in deep cuts to programs that safeguard public health, clean air and water, and our public lands,” Sierra Club Legislative Director Melinda Pierce said in a statement. “The GOP’s plan even manages to raise taxes on the middle class, while sneaking in an outrageous attack on the Arctic Refuge by opening it up for drilling.”
Denham was one of only two House Republicans from the California delegation being targeted by the group – the other being Darrell Issa of the 49th Congressional District serving the northern coastal areas of San Diego County.
While he hasn’t announced which way he will vote on the bill – and is actively encouraging residents to contact his office to voice their opinion on how the legislation will affect them – the Turlock Republican did pen an op-ed for the Turlock Journal that spelled out some of his thoughts on the proposal that were in stark contrast to the Sierra Club’s platform.
“As a hard-working taxpayer in the Central Valley, you deserve more money in your pocket, less time and money spent navigating our burdensome tax code, more job opportunities, and the ability to save for college or invest in your retirement,” Denham wrote.
He also commented on how the proposal would impact small-businesses and help propel the economy in the heart of the Central Valley.
“For the first time in years, businesses of all sizes will be able to make new hires and investments, and those who have considered opening a small business will finally find the American dream within reach,” Denham wrote. “Small business rates will be cut to no more than 25 percent – the lowest tax-rate on small businesses since World War II – which will allow businesses and jobs to stay in the Central Valley.”
According to Denham’s Communication Director, Jessica McFaul, the vote on the tax proposal could come as early as today – encouraging those who want to share their personal views and the story to contact the Congressman’s Modesto office at 209.579.5458.

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