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SJ author releases latest in anti-bullying book series
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Harry Pacheco is at it again.
And this time, the Tracy author that gained regional fame for his children’s anti-bullying book Gladys Glasses, Pacheco has followed the same theme in the second of what will be a five-book series on acceptance with his latest incarnation – Stanley No Stripes.
In his first book, Pacheco focused the story on Gladys – an elephant that was teased for being different because she wore glasses that was based off experiences that his own daughter had at school with bullies who picked on her for being different.
When his son started to get picked on for being small for his age, Pacheco – who saw the power that his book had on his daughter and her ability to accept herself for who she really was – figured that he would follow the same format and come up with something that could also speak to the challenges that he, and lots of other kids like him, face daily on America’s playgrounds and in America’s schools.
The reception for the book, which features illustrations from Phil Villanueva who worked on the first project with Pacheco, has been overwhelmingly positive and the author will appear on NBC Bay Area next week to push the project.
“I never thought in a million years that we would get the kind of support that we got for the first book, and to see that we’re now getting the same kind of support for the second book is hard to put into words,” Pacheco said. “This is something that I started as a project for my daughter, and now I’ve heard about how this has helped students from all over the place and you just don’t ever expect that.”
And he isn’t stopping here.
When it came time to finding an illustrator for the third book in the series, Pacheco partnered with ArtExpressions San Joaquin in a contest that was advertised in the Stockton Record to find a young student with the artistic ability to play a role in the project – selecting Naomi Ashton to draw the pages of what will become “Willie’s Wheelchair” which will be out likely sometime next year.
While he never fancied himself an author, Pacheco said that he found something that he wanted to do for himself to benefit somebody close to him that he loved very much, and because he had that as his motivation, he could create something that can be shared with others – the ultimate byproduct, he said.
“I’ve learned that if you’re going to write a book you need to do it for personal reasons – you need to do it for yourself,” he said. “If other people read it, which is what has happened here, then that’s wonderful, but you need to do the writing for yourself because that’s how you’re going to accomplish something.”
Stanley No Stripes will be available through online booksellers like and through select brick-and-mortar locations soon.

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