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Snow White: From Manteca to Paris
Maggie Schreiber performs as Snow White at Euro Disney in Paris. - photo by Photo Contributed
While she’s only been competitively dancing as part of Harmony Flores’ Dance Stars team for the last three years, 18-year-old Maggie Schreiber was determined that she was going to take her dancing to the next level.

With the assistance of Flores, Schreiber managed to polish her moves to the point that she was ready to compete for a spot in Paris at Euro Disney. She eventually earned a spot as Snow White in the multiple performances that the park presents on a daily basis.

Now that she’s across the pond and entertaining guests from around the world, Schreiber has the distinction of being the fourth dancer from Flores’ Dance Stars studio to become a professional dancer. It is something that her mentor is more than happy to boast about as she points at pictures of her hard-working student dressed as one of the most famous Disney characters in existence during her daily performances in grand old Paris.

“She was a great jazz dancer, and we worked really hard to get her ready for a Disney tryout,” Flores said. “She was so happy when she learned that she had made it, and as a studio we were thrilled to have another one of our students become a professional dancer – that’s the next step that all of these girls are training for.

“It’s the ultimate in this field to get paid for doing what it you love and what you’re good at.”

With two previous students garnering positions in the National Football League as cheerleaders and members of the dance team and one who was recently named to the Sacramento Kings Royal Court Dancers, Schreiber is the first from the studio to land both a Disney job and a position that required relocation overseas in order to advance her dancing career.

At the end of the day, Flores said, achieving what students like Schreiber can now put on their resume is the ultimate for dancers – and being in Paris and working for Disney gives her all sorts of additional perks like room-and-board as well as the chance to see the world at a young age.

“These girls come here and they work hard so that maybe they’ll get the chance to one day be in this position,” Flores said. “There isn’t anything better than having your accommodations taken for as you spend your days in one of the world’s most desired locations doing what you’re good at and sharing your gifts with people in another country – that’s something special, and it’s something that these girls are never going to forget.

“We’re proud to have girls like Schreiber on our dance team, and we hope that she’s enjoying every minute of the experience that’s getting while she’s over there.”

Flores’ Dance Stars studio is located at 1240 DuPont Court off of Spreckels Avenue. For more information, contact Dance and Cheer Stars at 486-7373.