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Bay Area briefs
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SF MAYOR CLARIFIES STOP-AND-FRISK POLICY COMMENTS: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is clarifying his comments about a controversial stop-and-frisk policy used to reduce violent crime in other major cities, including New York and Philadelphia.

Lee said in a statement Tuesday that he is not considering a policy that will violate anyone's constitutional rights and result in racial profiling, but he is "willing to move forward with bold ideas that get to results."

Lee told a local newspaper editorial board last month that he wants to consider the stop-and-risk policy to reduce gun violence after a recent spike in homicides led to the city's deadliest month in nearly four years.

Lee's comments on Tuesday came shortly after opponents of a stop and frisk initiative held a noontime rally outside City Hall and delivered a petition of more than 2,000 signatures opposed to the idea.

TOMBSTONES SLATHERED  WITH OIL TO WARD OFF EVIL: UNION CITY  (AP) — A California man arrested for cemetery vandalism says he slathered vegetable oil on tombstones to ward off evil spirits.

Alameda County prosecutors have charged 26-year-old Deepak Sandhar Singh with 15 counts of felony vandalism for defacing grave markers at Chapel of the Chimes Memorial Park in the San Francisco Bay Area community of Union City.

The Oakland Tribune says Singh told police he bought a jug of soybean oil and used it on the tombstones because they were evil and needed to be purified.

The cemetery general manager says it cost $5,000 to clean up the mess.

SF'S ONLY OUTDOOR  SHOOTING RANGE EVICTED: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco's only outdoor shooting range is being evicted after 78 years on the southwestern shore of Lake Merced.

The Pacific Rod and Gun Club has being paying $4,700-a-month.

But the Public Utilities Commission says the sweetheart deal is over and attempts have failed to reach a modern lease deal.

The 400-member gun club was given an eviction notice on Friday.

A modern lease would require more liability insurance and compliance with antidiscrimination laws.

It would also give the city a 50-50 share when the club subleases its land. Officials say the gun club collected $50,000 for parking at the U.S. Open golf tournament in June and none of it went to the city.


BALD EAGLES MAKING CALIFORNIA COMEBACK: SAN JOSE  (AP) — Bald eagles are making a comeback in Northern California.

Experts say pesticide restrictions, habitat protections and the release of captive-bred chicks have led to the eagle's recovery.

Bald eagles were removed from the endangered species list in 2007.

California and federal agencies don't know how may nesting pairs are in the state.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the count has grown since 2007 when there were more than 200 nests.

Pairs of the fish-eating raptors have been spotted at San Pablo Reservoir near Orinda, Del Valle Reservoir near Livermore, Calaveras Reservoir on the edge of Santa Clara and Alameda counties, San Antonio Reservoir south of Sunol, Lake Berryessa in Napa County and Lake Sonoma in Sonoma County.

JURY AWARDS $60M  TO PROGRAMMER'S CHILDREN: HAYWARD  (AP) — A Northern California jury has ordered a noted computer programmer to pay his children $60 million for killing their mother.

The Alameda County jury delivered its verdict Tuesday in the wrongful death lawsuit filed against Hans Reiser by his children, 12-year-old Rory and 11-year-old Niorline.

Reiser was earlier sentenced to 15-years-to-life for the 2006 murder of his wife and the children's mother, Nina Reiser. He represented himself during the four-day wrongful death trial, arguing that he killed Nina because she was making up illnesses for the children. The children live with Nina's mother in her native Russia and didn't attend the trial.

WOMAN FACES MURDER CHARGE FOR FATAL CRASH: SANTA ROSA  (AP) — A Santa Rosa woman is facing murder and reckless driving charges after authorities said she killed a motorist while trying to run down her ex-boyfriend on his motorcycle.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported that 28-year-old Heather Howell was charged Tuesday in Sonoma County Superior Court.

Sonoma County Sheriff's investigators said Howell lost control of her car while pursuing her Harley-Davidson-riding boyfriend on Saturday after an argument.

Howell struck another car that in turn hit a vintage Triumph Spitfire being driven by 56-year-old Jesse Garcia, investigators said.

Garcia died at the scene after being trapped in the car.