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TEEN ATTACKED AFTER KNOCKING DOWN MOTORCYCLISTS: BELMONT (AP) — A teenage driver is banged up after police say he was attacked by a group of motorcyclists after he knocked down two motorcyclists on Highway 101 Sunday morning.

California Highway Patrol Officer Art Montiel says the trouble began around 8 a.m. when a 19-year-old man behind the wheel of Toyota Prius was shooting video of the motorcyclists as they made their way north on the highway through Belmont.

Montiel says as the teen was recording the video, he lost control of his car, knocking down two of the motorcyclists.

After the accident, some of the motorcyclists attacked the teen, punching him in the head and threatening him with a knife. Montiel says when officers arrived there were about 20 motorcyclists at the scene, including at least two members of the Hells Angels.

The teen was cited for distracted driving. He and the two motorcyclists were treated for minor injuries.

METRO BUS DRIVER FATALLY SHOT BY PASSENGER IN LA: LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Los Angeles bus driver was fatally shot by a passenger, who was detained after jumping out a bus window and running down the street.

Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Gordon says the driver was rushed to a hospital, where he died shortly after the shooting in West Hollywood Sunday morning.

Metro spokesman Rick Jager tells City News Service the driver was piloting a Route 105 bus east on Santa Monica Boulevard when a passenger opened fire. The driver was hit in the upper torso.

Witnesses reported seeing a man climb from a window on the bus and run toward the intersection with La Cienega Boulevard. Gordon says the suspect surrendered to deputies without incident.

TAHOE BICYCLISTS TURN OUT IN FORCE FOR RECORD: SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (AP) — Nearly 1,200 bicyclists pedaled in single file on Lake Tahoe's south shore in an effort to set an offbeat world record.

Organizers say they'll try to seek recognition for Thursday's feat in South Lake Tahoe from the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to the book, the record for the longest single line of bicycles was set in October 2010, when 916 bicyclists rode through Davis.

At Tahoe, the line of 1,188 bicyclists stretched along U.S. 50 between El Dorado Beach and the Stateline casino area.

OAKLAND POLICE TO SEARCH BUILDING USED TO GROW POT: OAKLAND (AP) — Officials say Oakland police plan on searching a commercial building where firefighters responding to a blaze found at least 100 marijuana plants.

Fire crews battling the blaze early Saturday in the building near the city's Auto Row found the plants, as well as lamps, a filtering system and altered electrical work.

Damage to the building was estimated to be $500,000. There were no injuries.

WEATHER CHANGE DELAYS DEPARTURE OF USS IOWA: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A change in the weather is delaying what will probably be the final voyage of the U.S.S. Iowa.

The historic battleship was expected to be towed through San Francisco Bay Sunday on its way to what will be its new home in Southern California.

But officials with the Pacific Battleship Center, the nonprofit organization that has been restoring the ship, say the Iowa's departure has been postponed because of a storm system approaching the West Coast.

Spokeswoman Lisa Lacher says high waves and strong winds expected with the approaching system would make it difficult to tow the 887-foot long, 58,000-ton battlewagon in the open ocean.

When the Iowa does make it to its final destination at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro it will be transformed into an interactive naval museum.

POLICE FIND ANTI-TANK GUN IN COLTON APARTMENT: COLTON (AP) — Authorities found a stolen anti-tank gun in a San Bernardino County apartment after spotting a teenage boy on the building's roof with the weapon.

The teen ran inside after being spotted Friday evening in Colton.

Officers with police dogs entered an apartment and found the anti-tank gun.

Military officials confirmed the weapon had been stolen from a military base, but did not say which one.

The Sun reports a 13-year-old boy and a 43-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property and possession of illegal weapons.

Police said the anti-tank gun had been fired, but did not say where or when.

A BB gun and a replica 9mm handgun were also found in the apartment.