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A sea of green volunteers
A couple weeks ago we cancelled our two Sunday services at Crossroads and engaged everyone (young and old) in one of 22 community projects in the area. that was dubbed “Takin’’ It To The Streets.”

We registered exactly 1,000 people! We ended the day with Crossroads’ biggest BBQ at Woodward Park, and finished the day as a sea of green.

Sitting in church is over-rated, and living outside is what Jesus had in mind for His followers. Last Sunday we just exaggerated it to provide services as a message, instead of having two services with a message. We intended to serve the community, individually and together serving the city and the citizens. This was a remarkable Crossroads moment in what we gained as we served. Jesus gave us the ultimate weather on Sunday and our rain plan was to get wet (thankfully we didn’t have to).

We’re looking at doing this annually, in addition to what we do monthly with 2nd Saturday.