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Walkup focusing on movie on mime
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Jon Walkup is at it again.

But this time, instead of focusing on violent roller-skating gangs in the City of Angels, the eccentric Los Angeles film school student and Sierra High alum is setting his sights on “Onie” – arguably his most complex production undertaking to date.

Most people would find that creating a back story about a young mime the Venice Boardwalk would be a bizarre exercise in triviality – getting hung up on the fact that mimes don’t actually speak. But as Walkup has proven over the 10 years that he’s been making the movies that include the odd and the outright hilarious, he’s not most people.

He’s creative. He’s sharp. And most of all, he’s driven – taking the time to write out full scripts for something as silly as a mock game show if it was going to have his name attached to it.

When he met fellow film aficionado Kenneth Beckerdite not long after graduating from Sierra, Walkup found the person that would become both his writing partner and his artistic muse.They both share the same obscure likes and working closely with one another to come up with off-the-wall ideas that they, more than anybody want to see come to fruition.

And once again Walkup is turning to the public for assistance in securing the funding needing to shoot the short film.

While the camcorder based goofs that he and his high-school friends used to make took little time and no investment, the projects have gotten larger over the years and now include filming permits, production rentals, makeup, props and crafts services. They tried this the first time when they made “Roller King” – the hyper-violent and stylistic short that included buying out the inventory of an entire donut store in order to be able to shoot there – and learned a little bit more about what was needed to tackle a professional production.

So he brings us “Onie” – a pot-smoking mime in his late 20’s with anger issues that turns to his craft to find as an outlet from us unresolved anger issues. Ironically, even though silence is a part of the gig, it’s the part that he can’t manage to get down.

Beckerdite, as Tesla Effect, will be providing the original score for the movie, and shooting is expected to begin sometime in September after the budget of roughly $1,500 is raised through crowdfunding site Walkup was able to hit his target the last time.

Those interested in donating can visit and search for “Onie.” The first result is Walkup’s page. A breakdown of donor levels is listed on the right hand side of the page. Walkups other films can be viewed by visiting

The movie slogan, by the way, is ‘Never get a mime talking he won’t shut up”.