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Who is shooting cats with pellet gun in Mayors Park neighborhood?
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Cat owners in the Mayors’ Park area, west of Union Road, are complaining someone is shooting their cats with a pellet gun.  One resident reportedly called the city’s animal control officer to pick up his dead pet, claiming it had been shot with a pellet gun.

Another resident told The Bulletin that the shootings seem to take place at dawn and at dusk saying she had seen two teens with a pellet rifle, but hadn’t actually seen any of the pets hurt.  The woman said she went door-to-door canvassing the neighborhood finding others who said their cats had been hit with pellets.

She claimed that one of the residents had confronted a teen believed to have shot their pet.  A couple of days later another cat was shot in their back yard from over the fence followed by a third shooting in her yard.  She said it appeared to her to be retaliation for the confrontation.

Manteca officers urge residents witnessing anyone shooting at pets near their homes to immediately call police.