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George Janis
October 29, 1957-July 28, 2021
George Janis obit pic
It is with a heavy heart, I announce my husband, George Janis’ passing. George was born and raised in Manteca.
   He grew up working at the family music store, Janis Music Co. and playing music in the family band, California Colours.  He and his brother, Eddie loved to scuba dive the California Coast. George loved his motorcycle and fishing. As he got older, he got hooked on fly-fishing, catch and release and tying his own flies on barbless hooks, allowing him to take a picture of the fish and then release the fish back into the water.
   Our son, Randy lost his partner. He and George were always working on something. Often things I thought could hurt them. George always let Randy try anything and was right there to rescue him. When Randy decided to kayak in the ocean, George and he practiced flipping back over in the pool for a week until Randy could do it with ease every time. George and I loved our trips to the beach and trying different restaurants. George was always singing and making us laugh, even when he was in the hospital, he would sing and tell jokes.
   George loved working on stringed instruments. People would bring their instruments from all over California for him to repair. He was the best in our area. He had a commitment to serving the community. His warmhearted honesty and integrity made Janis Music Co. a successful family friendly place to go for advice. George loved helping others and always made time to help local churches get their sound systems working great. George loved working on music in his home studio. He loved exploring music from different countries. We were blessed to have the opportunity to work side by side for so many years.
I have been blessed with my kids and loving parents always there when I need them. My bestie, Brenda Franklin, there for me any time I call day or night. Thank you Karen Ott for helping me with the funeral arrangements and hooking me up with Alma at P.L. Fry & Son. She was perfect. Thank you to all our friends for all your support and kindness, my incredible teachers, my baby sis, Naomi, the Prestons, Perrys and Peasrsons.                
   Thank God for my sister- in- law, Christy Janis and cousins the Wood family, for taking time through their own grief to help me through mine. You all keep me strong.

Manteca (Calif.) Bulletin

Tuesday, October  12, 2021