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Hernandez needs to worry about crosswalk not useless alley
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
At the city council meeting held on Jan. 19, 2010, councilman Hernandez, the king of the “Good deed doers” according to his guardian angel Mary Mueller, has shown more concern and is worried about an alley in the Powers Tract area.

That is of no useful purpose to anyone other than stray dogs that roam that alley instead of showing some concern with his fellow council member, councilwoman Debbie Moorhead. Concerning the safety issue of putting in a crosswalk for the children exiting the Curran Grove area to attend Lincoln School. This is something that should have been done 10 years ago, when Curran Group first opened. “Mark easy money overpaid Houghton,” our good ole public works director, says cross walks are a false sense of security. Well, if that is the case “easy money Houghton,” you should remove all crosswalks around town, because they are all a false sense of security. It is time for Hernandez “the good deed doer” and the rest of the council to back councilwoman Moorhead and get this issue settled once and for all. Hernandez and Houghton, you guys are not earning your money that the taxpayers are paying you. Do your job or resign. After all this is “ The Family City,” so says Hernandez.
Fred Millner
Jan. 20, 2010