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Who won the most Tweeted event in history?
Members of the Manteca Tea Party got together to watch the 2012 Presidential Debate Wednesday at Chez Shari. - photo by HIME ROMERO

Obama won.

No, Romney won.


It’s the office water-cooler talk that’s going to take place across the country today – whether the former Massachusetts Governor was able to outwit and outsmart the President of the United States in a live, 90-minute debate at Denver University.

But if you were part of the contingent that joined the Manteca Tea Party Patriots in their viewing of the event on Chez Shari’s wall-sized screen, there was absolutely no debate necessary: Romney was far and away the better man.

“Romney had it right about (Obama) not having a clear plan,” said Tea Party Patriots Director David Marks. “When he said that he has the principles, that’s what it’s all about. As an adjunct professor who teaches business at Cal State Hayward, you want somebody at a high level like that that has a long range vision and can set those principles.

“I think that the Governor put it down in more detail, and that he has the innovation to solve these problems.”

One thing was abundantly clear to anybody who tuned in to one of the 782 news stations that was carrying the event Wednesday night – the gaffe-happy Governor was nowhere to be found.

In a smart blue suit with a red striped tie, Romney was poised, prepared and eloquent in his delivery. He went on the offensive whenever possible (including steamrolling moderator Jim Lehrer on several occasions) and batted back attempts by Obama that painted his campaign as a framework with no real structure.

It reminded me of an episode of The West Wing where Martin Sheen (playing the most liberal President since, well, ever) pretends the last few days leading up to the debate to have forgotten everything he ever learned in his political career in an attempt to drive his advisors crazy. He then unleashed on his opponent when in front of the cameras.

“I loved it. I think that that Mitt did a terrific job,” Penny Jones said. “He was specific and articulate – it was really, really great. “

Jones wasn’t done with just that.

“We don’t need a TV talk show host as a President. We need a Chief Executive Officer,” Jones said. “That’s exactly what Mitt Romney is. We need somebody that has the experience that matters and isn’t just a celebrity.”

The real results of the debate will likely take more than the first few hours when the talking heads will spin, re-spin and then shuffle the quotes, looks and exchanges between the two men so many times that their production trucks will catch on fire.

Political fact-checking sites will have their lackeys working double-time to pore over every single allegation and accusation – something that will give a clearer picture of the actual outcome.

Because lets be truthful here folks – what good is a Commander in Chief that gets up there and throws out a bunch of half-truths in order to make the other guy look bad with the hopes that nobody is paying attention and they’ll just be able to ignore any questions to the contrary?

What? That’s every Presidency? That can’t be true.

“I think that Romney won it, hands down,” said Mike Randall. “His poise and the fact that he had no hesitation at all the entire way through stood out. It’s too early to tell yet but he won it tonight.”

I heard on the radio on my way back to write this that this debate was the most tweeted event in Twitter’s short history. I guess if neither candidate floats your boat the fact that Americans still care enough to interact with one another about the issues and the facts that affect them should be something to believe in.

One down, two to go.

Maybe Candy Crowley can keep a tighter lid on the next one.