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Resurrections bright light
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The Resurrection is the greatest hope and anchor in our modern day society. In this morally dark world that we live in, the light of the truth still shines the brightest. Though some would like to discredit it, in their discrediting, it proves it all the more that the Resurrection is true.

The Resurrection brightens everything it touches, brightens our life, brightens our character, brightens society, brightens the church, it brightens everything! In nature when the cold blasts of winter appears, all the trees lose their leaves and go dormant til the gentle call of spring brings them back to life. The leaves and flowers reappear and the symphony of singing birds fills the air.

When the Apostle Paul preached the Resurrection, those old Epicurean and Stoic philosophers in Athens called him the “babbler” and the setter forth of strange doctrines. But Paul said,”Why should it be thought a thing incredible that God should raise the dead?”

I suppose no doctrine is hated as much by Satan as the Resurrection of Christ. Before Jesus died, Satan had already put it into the minds of men to deny the Resurrection. Bible students know that the Sadducees did not believe in the Resurrection.Someone said, “That is why they were sad. . . you . . . see!”

My closing thought goes back to an article I read about the Statue of Liberty in the Harbor of New York. “The Statue of Liberty lifts the great light for the guidance of mariners, and though the birds of night fling themselves madly against its crystal as if to put out its flame, they only beat themselves into insensibility and fall dead at the base. So whatever antagonism there may be to God’s Beacon Light of Truth, those who assault it will only damage themselves while the light shines on safe and serene!”