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Ripon tightens rules for legal fireworks
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It’ll be OK to set off the safe and sane fireworks the week before and the day of the Fourth of July in Ripon.

“Anytime before or after then the legal fireworks become illegal,” said Police Chief Ed Ormonde at Tuesday’s Ripon City Council meeting.

He was referring to an amendment to the Fireworks Ordinance. Changes were in order to give police or the fire department authorization to cite those on the property – owner or renter – in the event of “unlawfully” possessing or discharging fireworks.

“Before, we had to catch them in the act,” said Councilman Leo Zuber.

Mayor Jake Parks indicated that amendment to this law was needed as more illegal firework could be seen and heard within the city.

Citations issued will go down as a misdemeanor offense.  Conviction of this infraction could mean paying a fine not exceeding $250.

Fireworks, according to the ordinance, are defined as “any device containing chemical elements and chemical compounds capable of burning independently of the oxygen of the atmosphere and producing audible, visual, mechanical or thermal effects.”

The illegal fireworks are still a no-no regardless of the time of year.

Elected leaders voted 4-0 (Mike Restuccia was absent), waiving the first reading and adopting the ordinance.


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