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Some thoughts of divorce & Tipper too
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The fastest growing segment, according to divorce lawyers, is the middle-aged and the elderly. Oi vey!

It takes courage to leave the security of marriage. To those who leave, divorce is not a failing situation, or shameful, but opportunity and freedom.

People change and forget to tell each other. There is no one special moment when a spouse realizes it’s time to go. No more living a life in the same old rut with the same old person.

Women grow tired of taking care of the house, husband and ungrateful children. The word often used is control. Men complained, tired of working to support a woman they felt did not appreciate or respect their efforts.

Divorce doesn’t always involve running off with someone new and leaving wives alone.

A survey from A.A.R.P. found that it is the woman who initiates late-life divorce. A woman who wanted a new partner usually finds one.

Perhaps a woman needs three husbands: one for youthful sex, one for security while raising children, and one for joyful companionship in old age.

Margaret Dribble, British novelist, calls life after divorce “the third age.” “For good or bad we are free.”

For Al and Tipper Gore’s divorce we wish them well, after 40 years of marriage. We hope they might enjoy their third age alone and in peace.
Irving Shaw
June 10, 2010