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Timberwolves definitely something to howl about
SHS FANS2-1-18-14-LT
Sierra senior JoJo Macias, left, gets the Wolf Pack fired up before the opening kickoff. - photo by HIME ROMERO

The howling was real Friday night in the Timberwolves’ den.

When the last of the Wolf Pack student cheer let loose, Sierra High’s varsity football team emerged unscathed the battle of the Valley Oak League’s unbeaten teams at Oakdale’s expense

 Friday night also showed how Sierra fans are true blue.

And while Oakdale’s adult entourage of parents and hardcore Mustang fans still set the Valley Oak League standard for both home and away games when it comes to noise, Sierra’s adult fans gave notice that they are aren’t afraid to be heard.


Ripon has loyal and loud adult fans while Manteca has the Old Geezers whose members have rarely let a Friday night pass in 50 years without making their way to Guss Scheimdt field to cheer on the Buffs.

Sierra adult fans stepped up their game Friday. At times they were louder than the Wolf Pack student cheer section. And many acted as if they were getting in shape with Richard Simmons given all the jumping up and arm waving they did.

Of course, it helps to have something to cheer about such as the 2014 Sierra High varsity football team. But other schools such as East Union and Manteca rarely get adults to do much more than clap when their teams score.


The actual Wolf Pack section was about 120 strong. That’s not the usual Friday night numbers for the student cheer section but that was thanks to the big game taking place during the fall break. And while it would be nice to have seen more Sierra students yelling their hearts out, they came on their own accord as the usual week-long on -campus build-up to the game didn’t exist.

That said the Wolf Pack was good but not quite up to par with East Union’s Red Sea. In Sierra’s defense they yelled. They had the added touch of their mascot dressed partially in a Sierra band uniform and getting the crowd pumped up using cymbals. They were clearly into the game and they were loud. They even shot off confetti poppers at the appropriate time. And while they were definitely something to howl about, they still haven’t reached the level of the Red Sea where students in the cheer section stand up from opening kickoff to final buzzer being very vocal and loud in demonstrating their love for East Union and their team.


Here’s a solid sign of how well Sierra High supports their team while demonstrating their loyalty: There were 100 plus signs lining the stadium.

And they weren’t just signs. Greeting those approaching the stadium on the back side of the visiting bleachers was three Mother of All Football Signs. Together they read “Hear the Howl” above the letters “SHS” with “Find the cure” split between the three massive signs.

How big were the signs? Let’s put it this way: If Mr. Magoo was driving down Thomas Street he’d been able to read it.

High marks for as series of individual signs each with a football as a back drop and inscribed with each player’s name and number. They did the same thing for the cheer squad but used a pink ribbon background.


The singing of the national anthem was killer. Unfortunately constant feedback marred what could have been the best overall rendition of The Star Spangled Banner this football season in the South County. . . The Sierra High cheerleaders are obviously practicing as hard as the football team. . . Score another solid performance for the Timberwolves marching band under the leadership of Richard Hammarstrom. . . Save for a few sparkles of glitter, students with face paint was an endangered species.

• FRIDAY NIGHT SHOWDOWN: East Union at Sierra

Can the Red Sea out cheer and show more school spirit than the Wolf Pack on Sierra’s home turf? We’ll find out this coming Friday at 7 p.m. 


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