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Affordable, effective equipment on market
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Some companies understand that most anglers aren’t willing to spend as much for products as they have in the past.

Two companies that I’d like to recognize are Abu Garcia and Wright & McGill Co. They’ve both stepped up to the plate in providing affordable fishing products for today’s struggling economy.

I caught my first fish on an Abu Garcia rod-and-reel combo.

With the development of their Revo line of casting reels and their Vendetta and Vengeance series rods. There’s really no better rod and reel combo out there for the price.

Wright & McGill Company recently has emerged onto the bass fishing scene with their acquisition of one of bass fishing’s most popular touring pro’s Skeet Reese.

Fittingly, they now have a Skeet Series line of rods. I was able to get my hands on a few and for less than $100, and I’ve yet to find a better rod.

They’re extremely lightweight and have a lot of the same features that rods three times the price have.

If you’re in the market for a new rod or reel and are looking for the best bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with either choice.
Delta Report
Fishing for largemouth bass on the Delta is great, as the Senko bite is excellent. Many fish have spawned already but there are still more to come.

Large schools of shad are found roaming the shallows turning on the early morning crankbait and buzz bait bite. Topwater frogs are also working well, first thing in the morning.

Dock fishing for crappie and bluegill has started to pick up as the fish have moved shallow, Crappie jigs and Pile Worms are working well right now for anglers.

New Melones Lake
Kokanee fishing has been great lately. A lot of larger fish are being caught.  Trollers are trolling between 50 and 60 feet deep.

Glory Hole Point, Rose Island, and upriver beyond the Highway 49 Stevenot Bridge are the most productive areas right now.

Anglers are starting off shallower in the early morning, and moving deeper as the sun rises. Pink Hootchies and Glitter bugs are all hot baits.

Bass fishing continues to be good as a lot of fish are still being found shallow. Anglers fishing Senko’s and topwater baits are catching numbers.

Crappie can be found hanging out in submerged trees, about 10 to 20 feet deep. Bear Creek, Mormon Creek, and Carson Creek are all good areas. Live minnows and Crappie jigs are the most productive baits.

Lake New Hogan
Bass fishing continues to be good as there are still plenty of fish found up shallow or in the guts of creeks leading to spawning areas. Bluegill and Crappie can also be caught while using mealy worms or crappie jigs in the back of coves.

Lake Don Pedro
Limits of King Salmon are being caught while fishing around Fleming Bay between 50 and 100 feet deep. Anglers are rolling shad with Pro-Cure scent. Bass fishing continues to be good as anglers are still finding a lot of fish on beds.

Don’t rule out looking for spawning fish on long tapering points or submerged Island tops as sometimes those fish don’t get pressured as often as the fish in the backs of the coves.

Crappie fishing is good for anglers using minnows and Crappie jigs in and around submerged trees.

Lake Camanche
Bass fishing remains good, as many fish can be found shallow. Senko’s are tough for shallow fish to resist this time of year.

During the morning or low light hours anglers are getting an occasional fish while fishing a popper or Zara Spook.

Trout fishing remains good in the pond. Several trout were weighed in last week topping four pounds. Anglers fishing the pond are doing well while fishing with Power Bait.

Tip of the Week
Launching a boat by yourself can be a big task.

Over the years, I’ve found that the best way to go about it is to back the trailer into the water just enough to where the boat wants to slide off, unhook the bow strap, climb into the boat, drive it off the trailer, tie it off to the dock, and then park the truck.

Make sure to tie your boat off far enough down the dock so that other boats may launch while you’re parking your vehicle.

When loading, I tie off my boat out of the way from others, back the trailer in deep enough so that the boat can be driven completely on, drive the boat on, hook up the bow strap, climb into the back of my truck, climb out of the back of the truck into the drivers seat and drive the trailer and boat out of the water.

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