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Alberts finishes 4th in pro bodybuilding event
Paul Alberts poses his way to a fourth place finish in the World Natural Bodybuilding Foundation World Cup in Sacramento on Saturday. - photo by Photo Contributed
For almost six months all that Paul Alberts ate was confined to a concrete list that he never strayed from.

Chicken breast. Oatmeal. Salad. Protein powder.

Regardless of how tired he was, or how hectic the work schedule, he still made time for his three weekly lifting sessions and maintained his cardio levels.

On Saturday, the 43-year-old professional bodybuilder placed fourth in the World Natural Bodybuilding Foundation World Cup at the Crest Theater in Sacramento – missing a place on the podium by only a point en route to his best ever finish since becoming a professional three years ago.

While his celebration didn’t exactly result in a dash to the buffet line, Alberts didn’t waste much time in enjoying some variety in his diet as he prepares for the “offseason,” when he hopes to add some definition to his thighs before cutting back down to his show form.

“I e-mailed all of the judges after each event to get the scorecards and find out where I placed, and I found out that I was only one point away from third place – which was kind of tough to see – but it was my best finish ever in a pro event,” said Alberts. “Unlike other shows this was one I was able to share with friends from work and family that came out to support me.”

And in a sport where the landscape is dominated by the use of performance-enhancing drugs of every type, resisting temptation is something that Alberts has always done – evidenced by the large tattoos he sports proudly on his forearms that read “Built With Integrity” and “100 Percent Natural For Life.”

With the support of his wife and trainer, Tina, Alberts has committed himself fully to what has amounted to a complete lifestyle that revolves around his personal fitness and the two annual shows he enters.

Even though he was only a point away from walking away with a check on Saturday, Alberts was just happy to be on stage showing off what months what the desire, dedication, and discipline – three words he also has tattooed on his body – can achieve.

“I just enjoy performing for people – picking the right routine and hearing the applause and their enthusiasm,” Alberts said. “I’m fortunate that I have a wife that supports me in this because it really is a lifestyle and without that support you can’t do it. Some days you’re cranky because of the diet or you just don’t feel up to it, and without that support you fall through.

“I’m lucky to have a wife that encourages me and knows what it takes to get to this point and how much it means to me.”

Currently, Alberts has his sights set on New York – the home of what amounts to the Natural Bodybuilding’s “Mr. Olympia” – next year with plans to work on his quad size during the several months he’ll have to gain back anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds before cutting down to his show size again.

It’s a world he enjoys being a part of, and if his involvement in it can show somebody that they achieve what they’re looking for without turning to drugs then he’s done something to better a sport and a passion that he believes in.

“It’s something that a lot of people equate with the sport, and it’s not something that you have to do in order to do this – I want to show that to people,” Alberts said. “A lot of people that I work with don’t even know that I do this. It’s not something that I like to brag about, and I’m really kind of a laid-back person.

“But being natural is something I believe in, and that’s what drives me.”