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Breeding habits of tropical fish similar to bass
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I’ve written once before about my fish tank and how it’s helped me better understand fish and their activities.

Several months ago I purchased two Oscars that have just about doubled in size since being added to my tank. Oscars are very much like a largemouth bass in that they will eat just about anything that they can fit in their mouths.

Several weeks ago they started becoming aggressive towards each other. I thought that it was strange being that they had been raised together and had never shown aggression before.

After further review and a little research, I found out that breeding pairs actually get pretty aggressive towards each other and lip locking is sometimes part of the spawning ritual. They haven’t spawned yet and haven’t fought since that day.

I’ve always wondered in the past how some fish that I’ve caught during the springtime were so beat up or had bleeding lips.

Now, I know that it’s all part of the spawning ritual.

I have another pair of Jewel Cichlids that continue to spawn in my tank. What I’ve learned from them is that they still eat throughout the spawn.

I’ve always thought that they didn’t eat during the spawn and now know that they do. Many anglers at one time or another own a fish tank.

Throughout my lifetime I’ve owned several. I’ve really taken a liking to my current tank and continue to be fascinated with its occupants.  

Delta report
Bass fishing is at its best right now on the Delta. The biggest factor plaguing fishermen is the wind.

A lot of prime spawning areas have been muddied up due to the wind. For numbers of fish with the possibility of catching a large fish, weightless Senko’s in watermelon black are hard to beat right now.

Rattle traps and crankbaits have also been working really well for anglers casting across spawning flats. Once the wind picks up try tossing a Chatterbait along weed flats and edges.

Bluegill and Crappie have started to make their way shallow as anglers are doing well while fishing around boat docks with worms and minnows.    

New Melones Lake

Trout fishing continues to be slow. Anglers trolling for trout are having the best luck while trolling down to 50 feet.

Kokanee are finally starting to show for anglers fishing 20-60 feet deep in the main lake. Bass fishing continues to be on fire lately as there are plenty of fish to be caught up shallow.

Topwater baits are working during the morning hours. Once the sun is high, switch to soft plastics and work from the bank down to 20 feet deep.  

Lake Camanche
The trout bite continues to be good at Lake Camanche. Trout are being caught from the surface down to 30 feet by anglers trolling Ex-Cel lures and those off the bank are using Power Bait.

Bass fishing has really picked up lately for anglers tossing small plastics. Anglers are reporting catching between 20 and 50 bass per outing between one and two pounds apiece.

Lake Tulloch
Good action on rainbows to four pounds while trolling the river arm from south shore marina to the bridge.

Bass can be found on beds throughout the lake right now. The bigger fish are being found right on the edge of spawning areas holding in deeper water.

Huddleston swimbaits and jigs are working well for the bigger females.

Lake Don Pedro
King Salmon are being caught. Anglers having success are fishing between 80 and 90 feet deep.

Shad injected with Pro Cure, shad pattern Ex-Cell’s, Thin Fins, and Arctic Fox trolling flies are what anglers are using right now.

Kokanee seem to be cooperating with anglers as anglers are catching them between 40 and 50 feet deep. Bass fishing is very good, as a lot of fish can be found on beds throughout the lake.

Make sure to practice catch and release as spawning fish are up shallow defending their young.

Weekly Tip
Organizing your gear can actually help you save money in the long run.

While becoming more organized I’ve stopped buying things that I already had. I actually couldn’t believe how many duplicates I had of a certain item.  

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