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Long breaks between outings prevent burnout
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In sports, athletes eventually experience some sort of burnout.

Fishing is no different. Some of my most enjoyable trips have come right after a long layoff, or an outing where I just went out and fished for fun.

Recently, I fished a tournament after taking a two-month break. To some, that may seem like a short time between tournaments.

For me it seemed like a very long time.

I ended up having a great time fishing the tournament, even though I couldn’t seem to catch any big fish.

What I enjoyed the most about the tournament was that I didn’t run all over the place trying to catch a fish, I just fished the water in front of me and felt confident the entire time through.

This past experience leads me to believe that a break from the scene was what I really needed. I’ll be fishing another tournament this weekend and plan on taking the same approach as last but with much better results of ‘course.  

Delta Report
The bite has been really tough for a lot of anglers on the Delta lately. Anglers are complaining about unusually clear waters lately causing the bass to be a little tight lipped. With all the clear water it’s important to keep your distance as if you can see a fish that fish can also see you.

Jigs are working well for those fishing structure and topwater lures are working for those fishing around schools of baitfish.

Striped bass fishing is starting to pick up as anglers continue to do well early in the morning on topwater lures and while trolling broke back rebels during the day.

New Melones Lake
There are a lot of good sized trout being caught right now between 2-4 pounds. Anglers are trolling along the main lake between 35 and 60 feet deep. The dam, spillway, and Glory hole point areas have been especially good lately.

Lures such as the Cop Car, Threadfin Shad Needlefish, and blue/silver Excel have been producing the best bites. Bass fishing continues to be good for large numbers for those fishing small plastics and tossing shad imitating lures.

Lake Pardee
Trout have been hard to come by lately for most anglers; some anglers are doing well but report having to work very hard for their bites.

Most of the fish are being caught between 6am and noon. Trollers are having the best of luck while fishing between 30 and 90 feet deep.

The lake is currently scheduled to close at the end of the month so if you’re looking to get out one more time on Lake Pardee you have till Oct. 30 before it closes until February.   

Lake Don Pedro
The trout bite continues to be really good. Most fish are being caught from the surface down to 35 feet. Several lures are working well right now for trollers.

Vance’s Little Slim Willie with a nightcrawler or scented grub, Ex-Cel small shad, Vance’s Nasty-Boy, or rolling frozen shad off a Pro-Troll Harness.

King Salmon are being found in Upper Bay, Woods Creek and in the Tuolumne River arm, while trolling with shad or anchovies 40 to 60 feet deep.

Lake Tulloch
There’s a really good bite right now for rainbow trout. The most productive areas right now are Green Spring Arm, Black Creek, and around the South Shore Ramp.

Trollers are catching them while fishing from the surface down to 35 feet deep with shad imitating lures.

Product of the Week
It’s almost impossible to stay completely dry during a rain shower. The one area that I always try to keep dry is my feet.

There are socks made called Seal Skinz which aren’t made out of real seal skin but work just as well. They can be worn like a regular sock and actually keep your feet dry.

Your shoes may be wet but your feet will stay dry, they cost around $20-$30 but will last several years and are a great investment for those planning to brave the elements. Seal Skinz also makes gloves and socks specifically made for all climates.

The durability of these socks and gloves has made me a believer as I’ve been out in all types of weather as both a service member and a civilian and have yet to find a product that has proven more effective.
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