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Practice parking before heading into launch ramps
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Learning how to back up a trailer should be practiced before you get to the launch ramp. In a recent e-mail sent by Melanie Lewis of Glory Hole Sports located in Angles Camp, I was reminded of how much chaos can be witnessed while hanging around a busy launch ramp.

Like all veteran boaters, I have my own pet peeves. Topping the list are boaters who insist on preparing their boat for the water while blocking one or more launch lanes. Before backing your trailer into the water, rear-tie down straps and engine straps should be removed, and everything that’s going into the boat should already be in it. If you must tie off to the dock, make sure to do so far enough down so that you’re not in the way of those trying to launch their boats.

As far as learning how to back up a trailer, the best place to practice is in an empty parking lot or at a launch ramp that isn’t crowded. No two launch ramps are the same.

It’s best to ask around before tackling some of the more difficult ramps especially during those busy times.

Locally, Buckley Cove on the Delta is probably one of the easiest ramps to launch at. In her e-mail, Melanie also pointed out that it’s best to put your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel than at the top.

The trailer will swing in the direction that you turn the wheel while starting from the bottom.

Delta Report
Bass is good right now on the Delta with lots of fish being caught. The problem lately for a vast majority of anglers is finding fish over two pounds.

For big fish, anglers are capitalizing on top-water reaction strikes. For numbers of fish, anglers are catching them both flipping and tossing reaction baits.

Bluegill fishing remains good in the backs of dead end sloughs and in and around boat docks. Catfishing also remains good for anglers using cut bait throughout the Delta right now.

New Melones Lake
Anglers trolling are picking up mixed limits of trout and kokanee while trolling between 50 and 60 feet deep. Night fishing under a submersible light has been the key to catching nice limits of trout once the sun goes down.

Anglers are dropping their lights down to twenty feet and then fishing between 30 and 50 feet below the light. A lot of smaller bass are being caught right now as the bigger fish are being caught deep off main lake points or during the early morning hours.

Catfishing remains good at night for anglers fishing off the bank while using anchovies, mackerel, and sardines. Bluegills continue to provide constant action throughout the lake. Not many reports of crappie being caught by anglers.

Lake Don Pedro
Fishing has slowed on the lake for a lot of anglers. Many of them are opting to fish New Melones instead.

Bass fishing is good for anglers that understand how to fish for schooling fish and know where to locate them. Currently, there are large schools of bass working throughout the lake with an occasional school found pushing shad to the surface.

Surface baits are working for the schools that are shallow and drop shotted baits are working for the deeper schools.

Lake Tulloch  
Smallmouth bass have been providing excellent action for anglers fishing late and early with topwater lures.

Once the sun is high try switching to small plastic baits fished deep, shaky head worms, darter heads, and drop shotted Robo Worms in either a craw or shad pattern should produce good results.

Lake Pardee
Anglers are catching trout early in the morning with several limits being reported by trollers.

The catfish have started to bite during the day on cut bait and clams. In order to catch catfish anglers are focusing on limited shade found along the shore from overhanging trees.

Bass fishing remains good for anglers fishing top water baits during the morning hours and small plastic baits during the day.

Carl and Jerry’s Fishing and Hunting Show
This weekend Carl and Jerry will be visiting Camanche Hills Hunting Preserve to shoot multiple species of game birds and clay targets.

Jerry will also be demonstrating his version of Duck Stuffed Peppers during the cooking segment of the show. The show is scheduled to air this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. on Comcast SportsNet California.

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