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Red Sox defeat Dodgers in Northgate LL playoffs
Northgate Giants infielder Manuel Valim runs down a flyball in foul territory during a major division playoff game against the Astros Tuesday at Neil Hafley School. The Giants came out on top, 11-3. - photo by Photo By Dave Campbell
The Red Sox edged the Dodgers 2-1 to claim victory in the opening round of the Northgate Little League minor division playoffs on Saturday.

At the top of the sixth, the Dodgers tied up the score 1 to 1 after Tim Couch singled and then scored back-to-back steals to reach third base. Elias Andrews then singled to score Couch.

The Red Sox came back at the bottom of the sixth with Brandon Gustafson reaching first under the power of a single and then reaching home on a teammate’s triple.

Couch had six strikeouts, and two unassisted tag outs on batters to lead te Dodgers pitching effort.

Mark Rodriguez lead the Red Sox with nine strikeouts. Tyler Slaughter handled the sixth inning by delivering a strikeout and assisting catcher Garret Cross with an out  at home plate.