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With time, perspective on passions change
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Recently, while fishing with a friend, he asked me whether or not my interest in fishing has lessened over the years.

He went on to explain how much he used to look forward to fishing and how it’s now become something he enjoys to do, but not necessarily something he’s absolutely crazy about anymore.

I had to agree with him; I can remember as a kid being so crazy about fishing that I couldn’t sleep the night before. When my father used to come into my room to wake me up, I’d usually be already downstairs eating breakfast.

Never was I able to sleep on the way to the lake and often I begged my Dad if we could stay longer.

Somewhere along the way, I believe we all seem to lose a little bit as we get older, no matter what our passion. We went on to agree that this sort of numbing effect must be a result of increase responsibility and change on our overall outlook on life.

I’m really not sure what it is, maybe it’s the loss of certain freedoms that we seemed to enjoy as kids. It was sure nice while it lasted! Not having to pay one cent for a day of fishing, not having to purchase a fishing license, not having to worry about parking, a bigger boat, better tackle, or even getting hooked.

What I do know is that it’s very refreshing to see that same spark of excitement from time to time in the children that I come across.

My advice to them is to enjoy every minute of it and if they do catch a fish send me a picture so that I could add it to my weekly column.

Water temperatures are now in the low to mid eighties making fishing tough for a lot of fishermen.

Bass have been biting lately for those fishing top water and flipping shade pockets. Some smaller bass can be found feeding on schools of bait in Mildred Island.

No reports of any Striper action lately but many anglers are reporting of a good Catfish bite on clams and anchovies.

Plenty of Bluegill have made their way shallow and can be caught easily on small worms.  

New Melones Lake
Kokanee are primarily being caught on the lake by anglers trolling deep as deep as 80 feet as the sun gets higher in the day. For Kokanee anglers are trolling Apex Lures and tipping their lures with shoepeg corn.

Bass fishing is good for numbers; there is an excellent top water bite early in the morning and late in the day. A lot of small fish are being caught despite the receding water levels. Anglers are targeting main lake points with small jigs and plastics as well as isolated islands.

Fishing the deeper side of the islands seems to be the best right now as the fish can be found bunched up.

Bluegill and Crappie continue too bite once found. Many anglers are choosing to target them at night under submersible lights. For Crappie anglers are using live minnows or crappie jigs, for bluegill anglers are using small worms like red worms or wax worms.

Lake Don Pedro
Kokanee are providing steady action, they are currently holding in some very big schools off Copper Mountain, Oat Hill and Hatch Creek at depths from 100’ to 115’ hitting Pee Wee hootchies, Sockeye Slammers and Glow Marni Bugs in tandem with Vance’s Gold Dodger or U.V. Slingblade.

Bass fishing has been fair in the early morning hours on top water baits and during the day anglers are catching Bass while fishing deeper with either deep diving crank baits or soft plastics.

Lake Camanche
Trout are being caught for those trolling deep 40-60 feet with R lures or Ex Cels in red/gold. Bass fishing has been fair for anglers fishing top water lures in the morning.

During the day anglers are catching Bass while working small plastics around grass edges.

Catfishing has been good for anglers fishing at night off the bank while using clams and chicken livers.

Tip of the Week
For those who are planning on fishing at night, insect repellant is a must especially when fishing on the Delta. I learned the hard way that when applying repellant to not just apply to exposed skin but to outer clothing as well. Mosquito’s will actually bite through a shirt or any other thin fabric making for an uncomfortable evening.     

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