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Bass fishing Super Bowl kicks off
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Today kicks off The 2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic held at Lake Guntersville in Birmingham, Ala.
For a lot of us who do not bass fish it probably doesn’t mean all that much, but for those of us who do winning the Bassmaster Classic is the pinnacle of the sport. Because of that it’s often referred to as the Super Bowl of bass fishing.
Part of the frustration from a fan’s perspective over the years have stemmed from having to wait sometimes several weeks for the results and the lack of coverage on TV. Of course, the internet helped in providing live weigh-in results, but the coverage you would think an event of such magnitude would have has definitely been lacking over the years.
This year I was pleased to find out that there will be 10 ways to keep up with the action. There will be live streams of the weigh-in daily, a live leaderboard, and BASSTrakk, which is an app in which contenders’ catches are reported through each competitors Marshals’ smartphones.
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Delta Report
Bass fishing has been great lately with large numbers of fish being caught on reaction baits. Red seems to be the color they are most interested in lately as lures in that color produced best.
Stripers are still active throughout the delta but not nearly as active as the last couple of months. The current water temperature is right around 54 degrees in the Stockton area, and the water clarity is slightly stained.

New Melones Lake
Shore fishermen are still doing well while fishing with Power Bait for trout. Last week there were several trout over 5 pounds caught off the bank. Anglers fishing the bank are also starting to have luck while tossing lures such as Kastmasters and Rooster Tails. Trollers are also doing well while trolling down to 30 feet with shad patterned lures.
Bass fishing has started to pick up as many fish are starting to make their migration towards the shallows. Swimbaits are still the lures of choice for those seeking a trophy bass. 
Crappie fishing has started to pick up, as one group of anglers took home almost three limits of crappie — all caught on Crappie Jigs near the dam. 

Lake Don Pedro
Trout are providing most of the action on the lake. Anglers are catching them both off the bank and while trolling. There are a lot of bait balls being found by trollers, and that’s where they’ve been finding the trout. Anglers fishing off the bank are using Power Bait and anglers trolling are using shad imitating lures.
Bass fishing is starting to pick up as plenty of fish are being caught on small plastics down to 40 feet deep. Anglers are also using live Jumbo Minnows for easy limits of bass.

Lake Pardee
Fishing on the lake has been slow lately as the lake has been flooded with anglers in search of one of the many big fish that inhibit the lake. Lake Pardee is no longer a secret making for tougher than normal conditions. Recently, while on the lake there was an abundance of surface action out over deep water but no visible action up in the shallows. Trout fishing is good right now around the ramp area as many anglers are hooking up while using power bait.     

Lake Amador
The lake continues to be planted weekly with above averaged-sized trout. Anglers are catching limits both from the bank to out in the middle of the lake.
Power Bait is hard to beat off the bank and any traditional trout lure trolled just below the surface has been working for those trolling.

Lake Camanche
There is a good bite for anglers trolling with Rapalas or white grubs along the main river channel out of the North Shore Marina. Anglers are also doing well while fishing the pond located right next to the RV campground.
Bass fishing is picking up for anglers fishing small plastic worms or Senko’s from the bank out to 30 feet deep.  

Product Review
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out fishing and forgot to check what phase the moon was in. Especially not knowing when the last full moon was.
That problem has been solved now thanks to this website .
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