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FISHING REPORT: Rising love for fishing in fall

I think that I’m beginning to like fishing during the fall more than the spring.
All my life I’ve looked forward to the springtime. The fall can be just as good or better. In the past, I was always too busy during the fall to notice, but it is started to win me over.
There’s just so much life in our local waters around this time of year, as the fish are making their last push towards feeding up for the long winter. I also enjoy the fact that only the truly dedicated pleasure boaters are still out on the water, which makes for calm and relaxing days.
Of course, the days are a little shorter than during the spring, but it allows me to sleep in a little more and I’m home a little earlier.
All those things I’ve never thought about before. Then again, like the bumper sticker says, “There’s no bad day to go fishing!” 

Delta Report 
With water temperatures dropping and days shortening, the fishing should be getting better. Bass are being caught on just about anything. Reaction baits such as rattle traps and spinnerbaits are producing lots of numbers.
The problem is the size of the fish being caught. Anglers are having a tough time finding keeper-sized fish.
Striped bass are starting to make their way into some of the flooded islands such as Franks Tract, Big Break, and Mildred Island. Anglers are using cut bait and trolling. Anglers fishing for salmon are doing well fishing up north while trolling their favorite salmon spinners.

New Melones Lake
Fishing for trout and kokanee has slowed down considerably as the lake is in a transition from summer to fall. There are reports of large trout being caught by anglers trolling anywhere from 40-100 feet deep. Like earlier in the year, the bites are far and few, but the quality is great.
Bass fishing is great if you’re looking to just get bit. Anglers are catching a lot of smaller fish on small plastics during the day. Catfishing is still really good for anglers fishing off the bank at night while soaking anchovies or chicken livers.  

Lake Don Pedro
Trout fishing remains fair with most trout being caught by anglers trolling for them. Anglers are trolling between 40 and 50 feet deep with Cripplures.
Bass fishing is slow. There are a lot of smaller fish being caught but very few of any size. Anglers are currently catching bass while drop shotting and spooning anywhere between 25 to 35 feet deep.  

Lake Pardee
There is very little fishing pressure during the week for anglers fishing for trout. The fishing is slow, especially during the midday hours. Your best bet is getting there first thing in the morning. Anglers are having luck catching small limits of kokanee while trolling between 30 and 50 feet deep.
Bass fishing is slow. Anglers catching fish are targeting schools of fish found as deep as 30 feet while using small plastic worms.
Catfishing is good for those who are fishing with either chicken livers or sardines. Most of the catfish are being found in the backs of coves.

Lake Camanche
Trout fishing is very slow. Bass fishing continues to be good for those fishing traditional summer patterns. Top-water baits are working well early in the morning and late in the day. During the day, anglers are catching limits of fish while tossing crankbaits or small plastic worms.
Catfishing is also good on the lake for those fishing off the bank with night crawlers or anchovies.

Pro tourney on Delta
More than 150 pros and co-anglers are set to close the Costa FLW Series Western Division regular season next week, Sept. 27-29, at the Costa FLW Series at the California Delta presented by Power-Pole. The tournament, hosted by Russo’s Marina and the Sugar Barge RV Resort and Marina, is the third and final regular-season event scheduled in the FLW Series Western Division. The event will feature anglers competing for a top award of up to $75,000, including a brand-new Ranger Z518C boat with a 200-horsepower Evinrude or Mercury outboard.

Delta hosting college event
The YETI FLW College Fishing season will continue with an event next week, Sept. 29, at the YETI FLW College Fishing on the California Delta presented by Costa. The tournament, hosted by Russo’s Marina and the Sugar Barge RV Resort, is the third and final regular-season event for college anglers in the Western Conference and will award a top prize of a $2,000 club scholarship and an invitation to compete in the 2019 College Fishing National Championship to the winners.

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