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Isabels Vintage Caf in Ripon offers discounts to CCW holders
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About a year and a half ago I wrote a column about a growing trend among restaurant owners around the country to offer a discount to customers who have a concealed carry permit. In many cases, the restaurant owners got tired of being robbed at gunpoint and found that when good people with concealed carry permits frequent their establishment’s violent crimes dropped dramatically.

Think about it for a minute, in order to get a concealed weapon permit in California, you have to be approved by your local Police Chief or Sheriff, and have complete background check through the State Attorney General’s Office. Nationwide there are almost no incidents of CCW holders committing any crimes. When the good guys are packing, crime drops. It’s that simple.

Over 35 states have passed what are called “Shall Issue” laws where almost any citizen can get a concealed carry permit. In every single instance where such a law was passed, violent crime dropped, with no exceptions.  Of course, California has much stricter laws and doesn’t reciprocate with any other state.  Anti-gun liberals can’t stand it but the facts are that when you are around CCW holders, you are safer. 

In 2015 Bob Owens, editor of Bearing Arms Magazine, estimated that over 50,000 eateries nationwide offer discounts to concealed carry holders. I searched long and hard for a pro-gun restaurant anywhere in the San Joaquin Valley. I finally found one at Isabel’s Vintage Café in Ripon, just down the street from The Barnwood Arms Company. Owner, Juanita Vallejo not only welcomes concealed carry holders she gives them a discount on their meals. 

When I wrote the first concealed carry article in 2015 I found that there were about 1,500 CCW holders in San Joaquin County.   The City of Stockton issued about 300 permits, County Sheriff Steve Moore issued about 300 permits, and Ripon Police Chief Ed Ormonde issued about 300 CCW permits. By contrast, Manteca issued about 50 permits and Tracy issued 12 CCW permits. Manteca & Tracy are many times the size of little Ripon, yet combined they issue less than 100 CCW permits. What’s up with that?  Are the folks in Tracy or Manteca less trustworthy than the folks in Ripon? Maybe you should ask your City Council Members.

At any rate, tomorrow morning I’m going down to the Vintage Café for bacon & eggs. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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