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A Miracle was performed
Earl Watson, Phil Waterford and Bob Gutierrez

    Bob Gutierrez comes from a very musical family. He has an amazing voice and has always had a passion to sing. He was scheduled to appear on television’s most popular “The Mike Douglas Show” in the early 70s to showcase his talents. Five days before he was to return home from Vietnam he suffered a bizarre injury when a rocket exploded in his face and severed his neck from ear-to-ear. His fellow soldiers had already tagged Gutierrez thinking that he had expired.

He spent more than two years in a military hospital in Japan as doctors discovered that his vocal cords were severed. The prognosis from the doctors is that he would never sing or even talk again.

    When he returned home to Manteca, Gutierrez, like many veterans was suffering from post traumatic stress. He would wander the streets of Manteca aimlessly, often times with no shoes. When you lose your vocal cords, it’s like losing an extremity, they don’t grow back. At that time, Gutierrez was so depressed that the only passion that he had in his life was gone. Bob Gutierrez remembers looking right, looking left, and looking up asking God for help. Miraculously, through the grace of God, Bob  regained his ability to talk and even sing. He has brand new vocal cords.