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Quiet parade marks Corpus Christi
Fr. Peter Carota, pastor of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church carried the Blessed Sacrament in a parade down Ripon’s Main Street Sunday afternoon followed by some 50 parishioners to openly present the “body of Christ” during Corpus Christi Sunday - carried in the monstrance.

RIPON - It was a quiet religious parade down Main Street in Ripon Sunday at 3 p.m. that was a significant reflection of Corpus Christi - the second Sunday after Pentecost.

The pastor of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Fr. Peter Carota, was joined by some 50 parishioners who walked with children, some in strollers, as well as men and women with umbrellas to shade them from the sun.

A white canopy was carried to cover the priest and the sacred host as they walked down the empty north side of the street.

The parade began on East Main Street near Ripon Road House and walked westward under the Ripon arch before turning back eastward to where it began with marchers reciting the Rosary in remembrance of the life of Christ.

At its end the marchers dropped to their knees showing reverence to the Blessed Sacrament before it was placed in its case in the priest’s car on its way back to St. Patrick’s Church.

Fr. Carota took time to visit shut-ins at Bethany Home after he completed his mission in Ripon.  He will leave this week for Rome where he is scheduled to have an audience with the Pope.