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Affordable holiday decor updates
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An example of affordable holiday dcor updates. - photo by Photo Contributed

Welcoming friends and family into your home is one of the best ways to celebrate the season. One of the keys to making visitors feel right at home is to be a happy host. So, do yourself - and your guests - a favor and put a little effort into getting your home holiday houseguest perfect.

Since your house will be full with visitors over the holidays, go beyond cleaning and organizing.  Adding touches of festive decor will create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, and if there are do-it-yourself projects still on the to-do list, now is the best time to finish them. Not only will your home look fresh and revived to you, but your guests will certainly notice your home’s updated appearance.

To get your home ready for hosting holiday guests, follow this room-by-room checklist. Whether you want to tackle one room at a time or do it all at once, breaking down your tasks can make the process much easier.

The kitchen

As the central hub of the home, guests will naturally congregate in the kitchen, so spend time making small, budget-friendly updates to make the space more comfortable, for both chef and audience.

•A fresh palette:  Make an update that will instantly refresh your space with a new paint color. Be empowered to experiment with a bold, food-inspired hue such as  coffee date by allen + roth at Lowe’s. With its limited wall space, the kitchen makes an ideal place to use a bolder hue for just the right pop of color.

•Details matter: Clear the clutter and make room for all the chef’s necessities in your kitchen, making the chef’s job easier. Add updated cabinet and drawer pulls as well as a touch-faucet that offers style and ease of use.

The living room

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your living spaces with your guests, so make sure they’re decorated in festive spirit and ready to accommodate a crowd.

•Layer lighting: Don’t just rely on overhead fixtures. Adding softer ambient light (like wall sconces), task lighting (under-cabinet lights or desk lamps) and accent lighting (such as art lighting or candles) will help set your desired mood.

•Decor details:  The mantel is a perfect focal point for holiday decorating. Add some atmospheric scent, color and texture with fresh evergreen garlands and holiday plants. Spray paint terracotta pots silver and gold and plant amaryllis, Christmas rose or rosemary. Or, personalize your display by placing family photos of holidays past and treasured heirlooms over the fireplace, where everyone can see them.

Guest rooms

Both guest bedrooms and bathrooms should be given extra special attention when hosting overnight holiday visitors. Consider everything a guest might need and then add some little extras to make their experience even better.

•Practical fixes: For your guest bedroom, adding portable lighting like small table lamps will make the room seem friendlier when added to overhead lighting and will keep guests from running across the room in the dark after switching off the lights. Adding a decorative mirror is a much-appreciated touch and takes little effort.

•Comforts of home: Ensure that your guest rooms, particularly the bathrooms, make visitors of all ages feel comfortable. Update your bathroom hardware with stylish faucets, knobs and even grab bars to ensure no guests slip or fall when entering and exiting the shower. New products, like a dual towel rod and grab bar by Moen, offers both style and function to make your guests feel at home.

As important as it is for your guests to be comfortable at your home during the holidays, it should be a relaxing place for you too, and one that you can enjoy long after the holiday season. By preparing your home well ahead of time, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying the holidays with your family and friends.