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Big home, big pluses, big value
Hania Way home listed for $295K
Carol Bragan of Bragan Reality is representing the owner of this home at 1930 Hania Way in East Manteca that includes a swimming pool and well-landscaped yards - photo by DENNIS WYATT
It is one of the biggest bargains in Manteca when it comes to getting more home per dollar.

For $83.85 per square foot you get:

• A five bedroom, three bathroom home with 3,518 square feet of living space.

• A three -car garage.

• A large 8,276-square-foot lot in a quiet neighborhood.

• Well-maintained landscaping both in front and back.

• A swimming pool with extensive landscaping.

 • RV access, dog run and a play area complete with swing set.

• Crown molding and wainscoting.

• 43-foot vinyl patio cover.

• Deep setback from nearby homes.

• Granite counter tops and oven in kitchen.

• Spacious master suite with fireplace and double door entry.

• Formal  dining and formal living rooms.

• Family room with fireplace.

• Water softener and alarm system.

• One bedroom and full bathroom downstairs.

The home at 1930 Hania Way being represented by Carol Bragan of Bragan Realty (481-3540) is available for $295,000. It is located in the Heritage Ranch neighborhood in East Manteca and is within easy walking distance of Joshua Cowell School and an adjacent neighborhood park.

Freeway access is less than a mile away as is a health club, restaurants, and shopping.

Perhaps the most impressive thing is how the numbers pencil out given what the home has to offer.
A 3.5 percent FHA loan would require $10,325 upfront and would translate into a monthly payment under $1,900 a month for a fixed rate 30-year loan.

If you haven’t owned a home in three years you can also qualify for an $8,000 tax credit that would go directly to you at 2010 tax time to pay yourself back the closing costs and part of the down payment. Given you can also deduct points, by the time your 2009 tax bill is settled in 2010 you could end up getting into the house with nothing ultimately out of pocket since the tax credit and deductions would make you whole or close to it.

You’re left with a mortgage payment that three years ago in Manteca would have only covered an 850-square-foot home with no garage built 70 years ago on a 2,700 square foot lot.