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Simple home safety improvement steps
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Photo contributed Replacing locks is one way to improve your homes security.

Renovating a house can be a tough job. With so many details to consider, just knowing where to begin can be a challenge. But one consideration homeowners shouldn’t skip is safety. 

Integrating security upgrades into your next remodel or renovation can be one of the most valuable investments a homeowner can make. Thinking beyond aesthetics could save your home from the threats of theft, fire, or natural disaster.

According to Mark and Theresa Clement, home renovation experts and authors of, integrating safety into your next remodel or home project is simple and “as essential as plumbing in a home renovation plan,” said Theresa. 

Mark and Theresa offer the following tips for securing some of the most prized areas of your home: 

u1.Entry Way: This area is the first place guests see, but it can also be an entry point for the unwelcomed kind. Ensure your door offers the right amount of security with properly working, heavy-duty locks. Add additional security with a camera or security system. 

Entryways are also a common gathering spot for keys, mail, and wallets. Consider concealing these valuables with creative storage solutions that protect and organize everything from spare keys to the kids’ report cards.

u2.Garage, Shop, or Man Cave: Repurposing sheds and garages into “man caves” with bars and TVs is a popular trend. For most families, these areas are overlooked when it comes to security, and yet house high-value items. Install locks—even on garage doors—and consider overhead storage that conceals and protects from weather. One of the simplest things you can do: Lock up ladders stored outdoors. Many of us diligently lock the first floor windows, but not the second.

If you’re like the Clements, consider storing high-value tools—like the tools your grandfather handed down to you or irreplaceable antique tools too valuable for everyday DIY—in locked cabinets or a safe. Large home safes, like those available from Cannon Safe®, can comfortably house tools and are fire proof.   

u3.Patio or Deck: If your home updates include deck or patio renovations, be sure to hire a certified contractor and use quality materials and procedures. This will ensure a long-lasting product that doesn’t quickly deteriorate. Plan inspections annually to ensure railings are secure and boards free from rot or wear.

For families with small children and pets, also consider nets and deck shields. And if you cook on the deck or patio, install your grill at least five feet from the home or other fire hazards. 

u4.Bedroom or Home Office: In bedrooms or home offices, storage and closet space is a must, and adding extra security is easy. A custom-installed home safe ensures you can easily access items in case of an emergency and rest assured that your prized possessions are safe in case of fire or natural disaster.

Cannon safes offer shelving and storage options designed to organize and protect documents, jewelry, or even a prized shoe collection. And with a power supply built-in, they’re perfect for storing electronics, hard drives, and routers. 

Wherever you choose to add some do-it-yourself upgrades, always keep safety in mind. For more ideas for hanging on to your valuables, visit For more tips on how to be safe every day, visit