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Mediterranean bakery fare at Turlock market
Turlock native Tamar Aydenian turned her love of baking ethnic pastries into a profession when she decided to open up Scenic World. - photo by NANCY ANGEL / The 209

Fresh baked baklava is a delicacy best found in places like Istanbul, Turkey or towns and cities along the Mediterranean Sea. You can also find a batch at the Turlock Farmers Market.

Aspiring baker and budding entrepreneur Tamar Aydenian serves the scrumptious Middle Eastern delights every Friday  morning and has already built a reputation with regular farmers market customers.

“I’ve always been a fan of baking since I was a little girl,” said Aydenian. “It doesn’t surprise me that I got into baking Armenian treats as a profession.”

What started as a college project had Aydenian decide to get her business license and open up “Scenic World” a month ago to share her passion of ethnic baking with the community.

“I graduated from Humboldt State last year and I didn’t really have a plan set up,” said Aydenian. “I came back to Turlock with my family and came up with the idea of baking. Originally, I tried to get my friends involved but I decided that this project had to be done by myself.”

And why baklava?

“It’s a challenge to make,” said Aydenian. “I’m half Armenian and Colombian and I’ve always took an interest in ethnic foods. I also grew up helping my mom make baklava.”

The Middle Eastern pastry — which can be made two ways, rolled or open-faced — combines the flavors of maple syrup and savory nuts in a soft pastry shell.

“There are lots of different variations of baklava,” said Aydenian. “I make my pastries with walnuts or pine nuts. People have taken an interest in my treats and, so far, business has been really good.”

Baklava isn’t the only ethic delicacy you can expect to find at Aydenian’s corner. She also offers Ma’amoul cookies.

“Ma’amoul are popular Arab cookies that pair well with tea or coffee,” said Aydenian. “These cookies come with walnuts or dates.”

Even though Aydenian is new to the business, she already has big projects planned with her baking.

“I know this is just a start, but I’ve thought of expanding my baking to different cultures,” said Aydenian. “I’ve always been interested in different cultures and I would love to own a business where I can offer a variety of ethnic pastries from around the world.

“I’m also on the early stages of preparing baklava that is sugar free,” said Aydenian. “I’m trying to find different ways that I can cater to people’s needs.”

Scenic World can be found at the Turlock Farmers’ Markets from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fridays through the end of October on Broadway Street in downtown Turlock.