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Vegan bath products hot sellers for stocking stuffers
Cosmic Bath and Beauty offers a wide range of mineral make-up handcrafted using natural ingredients - photo by Brooke Borba

Vintage Market in downtown Turlock offers a variety of unique jewelry items, antiques, and home decor, but one of the hottest stocking stuffers this year — for women and men — are the store’s homemade bath items.

Don’t snuff the idea, fellas. Cosmic Handmade Bath and Beauty items feature everything from sparkling translucent powder to beer soap made from the brews at Dustbowl Brewery located in downtown Turlock.

“The beer soap is a top seller for men,” Cosmic creator Michelle Adams said. “You would be surprised to know that a lot of men think it’s cool. And it smells really good, too.”

While it may be a stretch for some men to consider, Adams, and her partner Anna Harris are not shying away from their accomplishments. They have just been invited to take part in the 4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco.

“We are taking our entire line of bath and beauty products. Our best sellers are the homemade bars of soap and lip balms,” Adams said.

Their popularity and following are continuing to grow due to their refusal to use any chemical preservatives. Adams said they have even removed one of their best selling fragrances because it contained a certain chemical they didn’t approve of. Adams believes that unknown or unwanted material should never be absorbed into the body.

“Yes, it is cheaper to do it some ways, but ultimately, it is not the best way. We’ve grown slowly and stayed true to what we believe in. We research things to stay away from,” she said.

Adams said the holidays have also brought more focus on their mineral make-up line.

“It has really caught on in the Valley. We have body shimmers in our make-up line. It is called Twenty-Four Carat Gold, and is one of the best stocking stuffers. We sold a ton last year and it makes a small compact gift for five dollars. We try hard to keep the products reasonably priced,” she said.

What is most remarkable about Adams and Harris’ beauty line is how affordable it can be, considering it is made with vegan material. It is also locally created, which means you can contact them with questions about the products.

“We are here to help. If people don’t like it, or they need a different color, we are here to help. I’m honest with my customers, and they respect that. We are personal and truly appreciate every purchase,” Adams said.

For more information on Cosmic Handmade Bath and Beauty works, visit the Vintage Market at 210 East Main St. in downtown Turlock, or shop at



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